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Looking back at the path walked in 2021.
Photo: AKL
Just when you think you have seen it all after a reality-bending 2020, the year of 2021 has shown us an entirely new level of unprecedented events and accompanying deception.

As the dystopian coronavirus world shift claims yet another 12 months, TOTT News was here once again as ‘Australia’s Front Line’ to bring you the very cutting edge of news content.

As we wrap up the wild year that was 2021, take a look back on some of the best and most popular content on the website over the last year.


2021 has been a crazy year for Australians. However, in this mass psychosis, TOTT News has attracted more viewers to the website, as people begin waking up to systemic lies of the world around them.

For too long, the ruling class have pulled the wool over the eyes of the Australian public about the true nature of their system, and Australians are awakening to the fact they are being deceived.

This year, we have published a record 245 posts on the website, as well as daily additional content on our growing social media channels. These 245 posts made up a total of 238,412 words.

Australians are hungry for the truth, and TOTT News attempted to add clarity to an unstable country.

Through this process, our continued goal of providing Australians with a genuine alternative to the mainstream establishment has remained the focus with all content published.

TOTT News wants to provide a platform that alternative thinkers can share with their friends in hopes of reaching them through highly-sourced, well formatted and well written articles and features.

This is in addition to keeping those are already familiar with the concepts updated on the system.

We want to thank everyone for the many lovely comments and emails from Australia and across the world. For everyone that has shared a piece, or stopped by to read, you are appreciated.

Importantly, the biggest THANK YOU of all goes out to Supporter Members and Full Members of the website, who are really the ones responsible for all of this happening.

This year, we have not only completed a three year odyssey to explore the complete depths of the control system, but our like-minded platform has spent the year planning and connecting.

What a great experience to provide such a multi-faceted platform, both at the front and behind the scenes, and build upon many of the plans discussed in 2020.

Take a look below at some of our best content throughout the year and remember to head to our categories page at any time to begin exploring all of our published work in 2021.


‘Top 25’ of 2020

1) QLD Premier’s father runs
genetic data storage company

TOTT News revealed that Annastacia Palaszczuk’s father is the head of a gene-data storage and sequencing organisation, shining further light on ulterior motives for COVID-19 testing.


2) Melbourne freedom protest:
What the TV didn’t show you

TOTT News provides readers with an on-the-ground timeline of events from ‘violent’ freedom protest in Melbourne that began an unprecedented month in September – including what the media DOESN’T want you to see.


3) NSW Police Commissioner admits increased
enforcement is not based on health orders

The head of NSW Police has admitted escalated enforcement operations are not directed by any public health order, but rather their own agenda to achieve greater compliance.


3) World Economic Forum to
stage cyber attack simulation

The World Economic Forum (WEF) staged a ‘cyber attack exercise’ to prepare for a “potential cyber pandemic”, that founder Klaus Schwab says will be worse than the current crisis.


4) Blackout Conspiracy: What is
Happening in Melbourne?

Things went eerily quiet in the midst of Melbourne’s historic week of protests.

Call me crazy, but something just doesn’t add up.


5) COVID-19 vaccine passports
secretly launch in Australia

Australians who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine can now prove their inoculation status with a digital passport for the first time, it has been announced.



6) Australia has a 98.4%
survival rate for COVID

It is time the Australian establishment stops obsessing over significantly low positive COVID tests results and ‘attributed virus deaths’, given the overwhelming survival rates.


7) MUST SEE: Cultures UNITE for
freedom at Gold Coast rally

Despite continued establishment propaganda, members from a VARIETY of cultures oppose the current COVID dystopia in Australia.


8) Must-read books to
understand the New World Order

Please take advantage of this comprehensive list of works that aim to help inform readers of what is actually happening in the world, who is behind it and the agenda for humanity.


9) The ‘war’ is not meant to be won,
it is meant to be continuous

As predicted, the Orwellian ‘war’ against the ‘invisible enemy’ was never meant to ever end. Rather, the narrative was always designed to morph into a state of indefinite propaganda.


10) ‘We built this city!’: Pro-choice
tradies bring Melbourne to a standstill

Thousands of blue-collar workers, and their supporters, hit the streets of Melbourne to stand for personal freedom and medical choice.


11) POWERFUL: Violinist plays Aussie
national anthem at Melbourne protest

A talented violinist captured the hearts of everyone at an anti-pandemic bill protest by playing a rendition of the Australian national anthem on the steps of Victorian Parliament.


A mirror of this video has 30,000 views on Facebook.

12) Australia’s digital ID system
will soon get an oversight body

The Australian government has made public a new draft text of legislation designed to officially introduce an oversight body for the country’s digital identity scheme.


13) More than a year since
Australia’s last flu death: ABS

In a ‘stunning’ turn of events, the seasonal flu has completely disappeared from Australia, new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed.


14) International personalities show
support for Australian freedom efforts

As Australia’s freedom protests are condemned by the mainstream media and masses at home, a number of high-profiled personalities from across the world showed solidarity from afar.


15) Pfizer approved for 12-15 year olds –
important points parents must know

Nobody in the approved age group has died of COVID in Australia, with children statistically not at risk from any strains of the virus, both domestically or overseas.



14) Mainstream media was NOT
welcome at Melbourne rally

Melbourne demonstrators let the mainstream media know what they think about distorted coverage at a November protest, as reporters move back behind police and flee the area.


A mirror of this video has 89,000 views on Facebook.

15) Contact tracing “in the new world order”
to be planned, says Kerry Chant

The Chief Health Officer of New South Wales reveals the department will be looking at contact tracing “in the new world order’.


16) Queensland builder unions oppose
mandatory vaccination push

CFMEU, ETU, AMWU and PPTEU have released a joint statement warning that such laws would remove the rights of workers to make “informed personal choices”.


17) Pandemic reveals the sham of
human rights industry | Opinion

The largest social experiment in human history has exposed the human rights industry as one of the biggest intellectual shams we have ever witnessed.


18) Revealed: The Locations of Australia’s
Quarantine Camps | Exclusive

In this article, TOTT News documents the names and locations of publicly-acknowledged COVID quarantine camps across Australia.


19) ‘Vaccine Apartheid’: Immunity
passports to hit numerous countries

The introduction of vaccine passports has arrived and could cause a divide between many social classes that leads to a worldwide system of “vaccine apartheid”, an expert has warned.


20) Biofascism: The Shift from
Techno-Control to Biological Tyranny

A new form of authoritarian ruling class is emerging through means of bio-pharmalogical advancements; using COVID-19 to further consolidate and grow their power.


21) ‘You’re the virus!’: Brisbane protesters
confront mainstream media at rally

As thousands of residents gathered at the Brisbane freedom protest in August, some confronted mainstream journalists over their continued COVID-19 coverage.


22) $24 million campaign aims to
“aid acceptance” of COVID vaccine

A new advertising campaign encouraging Australians to get a COVID-19 vaccination has started, with the government insisting the jabs will be “safe and effective”.


23) How sterilization plays a
leading role in eugenics programs

The eugenics-driven scientists of the new world have always sought to control the reproductive capacity of people labelled ‘unfit’ and ‘defective’.


24) Let’s not forget why Big
Pharma’s credibility is so low

Big Pharma’s public image has been battered by a variety of scandals and self-inflicted wounds for many decades, yet some remain shocked when citizens question their role in the pandemic.



25) Perth workers lay down uniforms
at Parliament as mandates set to begin

As “D-Day” arrives for impending vaccine mandates in Western Australia, workers from a variety of industries lay their uniforms down on the steps of Parliament in Perth.



In addition to our most viewed pieces, here is another recommended list by Ethan Nash:

  1. NSW Health re-classifies death statistics to ‘died with’ COVID | Video
  2. Who is Policing Australia’s Lockdowns? | Investigation
  3. Corona and the Mark of the Beast: Are we witnessing prophecy?
  4. Australia’s controversial online hacking legislation has passed
  5. Melbourne’s Siege at the Shrine: As it happened
  6. THE GREAT RESIST: Monumental freedom rallies take place across Australia
  7. AWE-INSPIRING: The freedom protest moments corporate media WON’T show you
  8. Discussion: Despotism Down Under | Sunday Wire
  9. Blackout Aftermath: Melbourne campaigners infiltrated, hunted and censored
  10. How to stop AI recognising your face in photos
  11. Weaponised Skies: How Chemically-Enhanced Military Jet Trails Disrupt Signals
  12. Gain-of-Function: The Blurred Lines of Biowarfare and Vaccine Research
  13. ‘SOS CALL’: Solidarity demonstrations held across the world for Australia
  14. Army deployed to indigenous NT region, ‘positive cases removed from community’
  15. QLD school loses almost ALL teachers after staff WALK OUT over vaccine mandates
  16. Australian states trial biometric quarantine enforcement system
  17. ‘Never Give Up!’: Protest momentum continues with huge MMAMV events
  18. Popular TOTT presentation gets banned by YouTube
  19. NSW Health Minister refuses to make COVID-19 advice public | Video
  20. Welcome to Melbourne’s Police State | Video
  21. Australian Federal Police plot “aggressive” cyber division following law change
  22. No fun in war time: John Schumann targets freedom video remix
  23. Corona Variants: What’s REALLY in a Name? | Video
  24. Herd mentality is the seed of totalitarian societies
  25. Pete Evans: Uncensored, Unrestricted | Full Interview


TOTT News has been there in 2021 as the country experiences some of the most significant protest actions ever seen, including Melbourne’s dystopia that made international headlines.

Captured and archived right here on the website, navigate the following tags below to look back on our protest coverage from Victoria and across Australia.

Australia’s Fight For Freedom

Melbourne’s Protest Saga

Thank you to all of our contacts on-the-ground that helped make this possible.


Throughout 2021, we have added analysis to major news items published on the website via our regular public podcast, the General Knowledge Podcast.

Check out the ‘Top 15’ podcast episodes from the year of 2021 listed below:

  1. Discussion: Melbourne becomes occupied territory
  2. Discussion: FDA’s first Pfizer document release | Ft. Naomi Cook
  3. Discussion: Mandate madness in Australia
  4. Discussion: Australia’s baseless virus narrative
  5. Discussion: Endless propaganda, total control, alternative communities
  6. Discussion: Freedom Cells | Ft. Derrick Broze
  7. Discussion: Where do we go from here?
  8. Discussion: Scientism, Nuclear Hoax, virus deceptions | Ft. John Hamer
  9. Discussion: History Hoax, state psychology, manifestation
  10. Discussion: The Psychology of Belief
  11. Discussion: The Medical Rabbit Hole | Ft. Naomi Cook
  12. Discussion: Coronacircus, birth trauma, CBD
  13. Discussion: 9/11 20th Anniversary Special
  14. Discussion: MyGov upgrades, changing times, AstraZeneca
  15. Discussion: In Defence of Freedom | Ft. Dr. Graham Lyons

Listen to more podcasts at any time via Podbean or our Podcasts tab.



In 2021, our Facebook page reached 15,000 likes, with 17,500 total followers. It has now become a primary hub for some of our most watched/interacted videos, many of which end up in later reports.

To this end, a list has been comprised of the most popular videos on the platform below. This doesn’t include those already listed in the piece.

We are also venturing through to find the most popular posts, many of which have hundreds to thousands of interactions. Thank you to everyone who has helped grow the Facebook page!

Note: You do not need a Facebook account to view our public profile, only to interact.

An absolutely MASSIVE crowd on hand today for ‘Stop the Bill’ protests in Melbourne!

Not. Intimidated.

BRISBANE! | Thousands of citizens are currently marching through the CBD chanting “wake up Australia”, in opposition to mandates

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED — Selective coverage by the mainstream media (once again) fails to highlight the FULL story in Sydney

SOS Australia – New York Marches in Solidarity

‘WE CAN’T IGNORE THIS’ | Powerful words about fear, courage and freedom — from a former serviceman in East Timor

#ReclaimTheLine | A powerful mass silent protest across Australia against medical coercion

‘WE ARE ONE!’ | Unreal scenes as perhaps the largest Brisbane crowd to-date congregates!

SOS Australia – Japan Gathers in Solidarity

Some words from a protester on the ground at the standoff at the Shrine of Remembrance

Authoritarian Victorian Police demand papers and scream at traffic in #Northcote. This livestream was deleted after arrest made

MELBOURNE! | After being blocked in the city, protesters flood the highway at the West Gate Bridge to get their message across.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner appears close to tears at a press conference, after revealing death threats against him and his family
13,000 views, 1,000+ comments.

FITZROY! | Victorian healthcare workers holding a silent protest against medical coercion today

‘TELL THE TRUTH!’ | Perth workers let the corporate media know they are NOT impressed with their coverage on the steps of Parliament!

Sydney STANDS UP against mandates and coercion as large crowds fill CBD streets!

SOS Australia – Toronto Gathers in Solidarity

Check out the complete catalogue of Facebook videos by clicking here.



Please see below the awards for most comment contributions made on the website this year:

1) Graham Lyons

2) John Dawe

3) Gareth Train

Thank you for taking the time to add your thoughts to pieces and for partaking in discussions. The life of the website is found in the comment section thanks to you all.


In addition to public pieces, more content has also been published for the great Supporter Members and Full Members of TOTT News!

Everything you read is made possible due to these lovely individuals.

This content is the bread and butter of the website. All original research that attempts to unravel topics associated with major public themes.

We continued our comprehensive TOTT Odyssey this year, while also examining the projection of the world around us with a heavy focus on community building!

16 Pieces For All Member Tiers.
Additional 21 Exclusive Pieces For Full Members (37 Total Available with Full Access).
As Well As 12 User Creations.

  1. Different species of humans? | FFT
    [All Members]
  2. What Your ISP Knows and How to Stop it Tracking You
    [User Creation]
  3. Medical Hoax: The Corruption of Creation | Part II
    [Full Members]
  4. Birth Trauma: How Hospitals Alter Humans | Video
    [Full Members]
  5. Member Circle: Infant Imprinting | Ft. Jeanice Barcelo
    [Full Members]
  6. The Great Split: Part of the plan? | FFT
    [All Members]
  7. Queensland launches first phase of ‘smart ticketing system’
    [User Creation]
  8. The Truman World: An Esoteric Analysis
    [Full Members]
  9. Member Circle: Metamorphosis
    [Full Members]
  10. Suspicious rain activity? | FFT
    [All Members]
  11. Australia’s tangle of electronic surveillance laws
    [User Creation]
  12. Sleight of Hand: Occult Magick and The Great Initiation
    [Full Members]
  13. Monolith: A 9/11 Space Odyssey | Video
    [Full Members]
  14. Member Circle: 3/11 Revelation
    [Full Members]
  15. Evolution Hoax: The Birth of Huxley Eugenics
    [All Users]
  16. The Epsilon Boosters | FFT
    [All Members]
  17. 5G mmWave spectrum auctions begin in Australia
    [User Creation]
  18. History Hoax: The Veil Lifted | Part I
    [All Members]
  19. Member Circle: The History of ‘History’
    [Full Members]
  20. Rights vs Realities | FFT
    [All Members]
  21. Australia’s first fully-automated farm to be built in Wagga Wagga
    [User Creation]
  22. TOTT Update: Discord Server is now LIVE!
    [Full Members]
  23. Member Circle: Myths of Our Time | Ft. John Hamer
    [Full Members]
  24. Imperialism, China and Population Resets | FFT
    [All Members]
  25. The Truth About Transgender Treatment
    [User Creation]
  26. Space Deception: The Moon Landing Production
    [All Members]
  27. Member Circle: Roads to Nowhere | Ft. John le Bon
    [Full Members]
  28. The Great Split: Re-Examined | FFT
    [All Members]
  29. Protesters form blockade against 5G installation, arrests made
    [User Creation]
  30. History Hoax: Burning the ‘Library of Alexandria’
    [Full Members]
  31. Member Circle: The Hatchery of Scientism
    [Full Members]
  32. The ‘Elite’ Conundrum | FFT
    [Full Members]
  33. Half of Byron Shire residents believe 5G should be a last resort
    [User Creation]
  34. Space Deception: ‘Big G’ and the Cavendish Hoax
    [Full Members]
  35. Member Circle: From the Depths | Ft. Adam Crazz
    [Full Members]
  36. A Sign of the Times? | FFT
    [All Members]
  37. Healthcare workers stage silent protest in Fitzroy, moved on by police
    [User Creation]
  38. The Divine Comedy: Our Journey From Inferno to Paradiso
    [All Members]
  39. Member Circle: Weathering the Storm
    [Full Members]
  40. ‘Overpopulation’ and Statistics | FFT
    [All Members]
  41. IoT Devices: The dream target of Australian cybercriminals
    [Full Member Creation]
  42. The Drying of Euphrates and Kings of the East | Video
    [All Members]
  43. Thousands Unite in Song, Dance and Messages of Hope at QLD-NSW Border Rally
    [User Creation]
  44. Member Circle: PZP and the Human Herd
    [Full Members]
  45. TOTT QLD Workshop 2022: DETAILS
    [Full Members]
  46. Machine Learning and Healthcare Centralisation | FFT
    [All Members]
  47. Study: 83% of Australians worry about being tracked online
    [User Creation]
  48. Phantasm: The Mass Hallucination of Humanity
    [All Members]
  49. Member Circle: A Vision Manifested
    [Full Members]

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  2. Thank you for all the hard work in 2021 Ethan. Keep it up in 2022 as it will be, in my opinion, a cracker of a year. If we think we have seen it all in 2020 and 2021, wait till 2022. Dare I say that it will probably be worse than the past two years.

    In any case, let’s keep soldiering on, hoping to wake up more of the populace and breaking the chains of slavery binding the minds of many to the narrative of fascism and the tyrannical governments currently running this country and the world and at the same time changing their destiny by embracing an Eternal loving God. Strength and courage to all for 2022 as we are going to need it.

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