December 5, 2023

25 thoughts on “QLD Premier’s father runs genetic data storage company

  1. Henry and Anna Stasi appear to be heavily invested in the Internet of Bodies: AS drums up the fear to generate “tests” that enable DNA harvesting, while generating some false positives/”cases” along the way, which generates more fear…
    Meanwhile H provides the DNA data to his international collaborators, and is no doubt well rewarded. I doubt whether this enterprise has received ethics approval.

    1. Well Done! EXCEPT, when you ‘Click on Link’ = # 404 – Sorry, this web page Does not Exist! AND, IS that Mandarin [Chinese Gliths] , top & bottom of 404 Response? Good to have ‘Connections’.

    2. dear Julia, thanks for the attempted info! when I tried to actually locate it….
      “it does not exist”.

        1. Hmmm. GEE, I wonder what Else was happening on THIS day ( 911/ 01) for ‘Shits & Giggles’, AND Global Diversionary Tactics 101? = Nah, it’s ANOTHER COINcidence my man! LOL.
          & SO, WHAT ELSE , with this in mind, have ‘They’, done / Signed, in the 22 YEARS since??

  2. What a cracker of an article! Well done TOTT and well done Ethan Nash! Bravo! Thanks for the heads up. I’ll spend the next few hours unravelling it. IoB. Internet of Bodies, Micro needle tatoos. Yikes; “not noyce.” Why is it every time I ask a politician about the crystal quantom dots tatoos they don’t reply? Isn’t that funny?

  3. Thanks ETHAN. Crucial to read. [your news, and the link I [elderly, conscientious ludite]
    have been trying to send you, all morning.

    1. ‘All in this together!’ Yes even The Russians have finally ‘Spat the Chewey’, over U. S. Led/ Sponsored installations, & other ‘Jab & Baiting’ of it’s Western Borders – Bio Lab BSL 3 & 4s Purposefully sprinkled thru the Ukraine, ‘Studying’ & Developing Bio Warfare ‘Products’. In the mix Testing ‘Sampled’ Slavic Bloods. With the Ukraine Govts AZOV Battalions & ‘The Right Sector’ Military Units in ‘Operations’, obviously The Original 3rd Reich Nazi regimes Influences in Military & ‘Science Projects’, hasn’t diminished since 1941!
      See interview @ InfoWars per; Francis A Boyle Ph.D, Lawyer, Bio Weapons, Book titled ‘Bioweapons & Terrorism’. Sorry don’t have a link to Info Wars interview – Video banned of Course. Boyle is an Expert contributor to U.S. ‘Biological & Anti -Terrorism Act’, passed / signed into Law – U.S.A. May 1989! –

      The Pentagon & Neo Cons 1989 – “SHIT! QUICK WE’VE BEEN SPRUNG! PACK UP YA CHEMISTRY SETS, & FIND SOMEWHERE OUTA THIS DURIS MY DICTIONS TO HIDE THIS CRAP – ER, ‘SCIENCES’!! EXCEPT YOU FAUCI! CARRY ON, YOU’RE NOW A ‘HEALTH EXPERT’! THE REST OF YA, LOCATE THIS SHIT TO SOMEWHERE THAT’S GOT PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY! The Ukraine looks Good! We BINNED their Democratic Government in 2013/ 14! If it Goes to Shit, their only Slavs, The Russkies will get the Blame, & when the Dust Settles WE, & the IMF can grab their Resources! Now where’s Yuri & Ivan’s Bloods? Hank, are we still using RT-PCRs, or are we just getting a ‘Straight Blood Sample’ from the ‘Caged Volunteers’?”
      It’s JUST Business!

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