Pete Evans: Uncensored, Unrestricted | Interview

Ethan recently spoke exclusively with Pete about his experiences in 2020.

Chef Pete Evans became a household name in Australia. Then he started questioning water fluoridation, chemicals in sunscreen and took a pro-choice position on vaccinations.
When he questioned the official COVID-19 narrative, all hell broke loose.
Pete Evans speaks during Freedom Day protests in Sydney. February 20, 2021.
Photo: AAP

The mainstream media has become a consolidated, corporate behemoth, that promotes a distorted and limited perception of reality to the Australian people.

These organisations have shed their once-noble mission, the pursuit of truth, to adopt a new purpose – manufacturing narratives and manipulating the public.

Historically, anyone who speaks out against this system on a public level is demonised by the press. Pete Evans is the latest victim of calculated media propaganda.

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Pete Evans – Uncensored, Unrestricted

Originally published in New Dawn #182.

Listen to an audio preview of the chat here.


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5 comments on “Pete Evans: Uncensored, Unrestricted | Interview”

  1. Pete’s a great guy; yes, read this in “New Dawn”. The evil continues: Mike Adams related the story of the covaxxed nursing mother whose infant died of this poison. Time for citizen’s arrests of the perps. Whenever Gates, Fauci, Whitty, Vallance et al are seen in public…

    Loving this 24-day house arrest: am getting fitter, steeped in good classical music and now have the time to spread my anti-covax message far and wide. Am getting some traction in Tuvalu; still working on Kiribati and the Solomons. Joined Patrick Henningsen’s 21st Century Wire…that guy is a genius. his summary/commentary on the world situation in his “Sunday Wire” last weekend is brilliant. Looking forward to yesterday’s. Another good info source is the new e-newspaper, “The Light” from the UK, recommended by Gordon Newman, the “Judge John Deed” creator/writer. Available free online: top journos (not presstitutes)/superb writers. Described by Piers Corbyn as “The best damn newspaper I’ve ever read!”

    Did you see last week that Florida Governor Ron deSantis has banned vax passports in Florida, and that covers govt and commercial/private enterprise. Compare him with those disgusting pieces of shite in New York & California: Cuomo & Newsom.

    Time for some more Rachmaninoff while I run up/down some stairs…

  2. Me again, folks. Just had a visit from the police. Was given a final chance to consent to submit to the fraudulent “covid test” and, as at the airport, replied NO WAY, so was told I would be issued with a $1000 fine. This was not mentioned at the airport, and of course would have made no difference to my reply there either. Talk about coercion to submit to medical tyranny…disgusting! Will seek legal advice. Asked the policeman what he would do if/when Mr Stevens instructs him to get covaxxed and he immediately replied “I’ll obey”. He was not interested in taking my anti-covax material. Oh dear…

  3. Thanks for the support Gareth. Don’t worry about me: this episode is a walk in the park compared with a canoe swamped in high seas far from land and a light plane crash landing in the Solomons in the 1980s and close encounters with occasional cranky bulls from 1969 to the present.

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