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Discussion: NRL, vaccine coercion, resistance

As COVID-19 ‘solutions’ continue to be programmed to the masses, the NRL has become the first example of new ‘normalities’ expected to arise in post-lockdown Australia.

The media storm created over players refusing to vaccinate for the flu shot is another example of an ongoing campaign to demonise pro-choice advocates and stamp out freedom of speech.



Member Circle: The Final Act? | April 2020

Reality is richly conscious beyond imagination, as opposed to a lifeless, mechanistic construct. This concept remains relevant at a time when dystopian paradigms dictate the COVID-19 narrative and emerging Brave New World Order.

Tracing applications and social distancing measures have been designed as a tool to engineer new ‘social normalities’, and digital systems are being developed to monitor, store and ultimately rank the ‘correct’ behaviours of all citizens in this new virus era.


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Discussion: Fake News and Population Control

As the CoronaHoax narrative continues to develop, further evidence has emerged showing doctored images, empty hospitals, drops in normal conditions and more inconsistencies.

Informed individuals are exposing the false metanarrative and now attention is being turned to the ‘solutions’ being developed, such as mass spying and population control.


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Discussion: The Line Has Been Crossed

COVID-19, through mass psychological engineering, has brought about the lockdown of nation states and Australians are being told to get used to this new, isolated way of life for the ‘foreseeable future’.

Military on the streets, police targeting rule breakers, surveillance drones barking orders and citizens told to stay in their homes. The scenes we are witnessing bare striking resemblance to the world described in George Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty Four.