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Member Circle: Dancing in the Rain | Ft. Naomi Cook

Make no bones about it, awakening is not a walk in the park. It takes a certain type of individual to break free of the herd and shun away from mass collectivist programming.

How does one end up on this wild journey in pursuit of truth? Can a person learn to pave their own path in this life of grand deceptions?

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Member Circle: Manipulated Masses | Ft. Ramola D

As cultural normalities and industry institutions are transformed across the world, the social engineers continue to play 'puppet master' with the minds of millions.

Just how and why are the current generation being brainwashed? How will the next generation fit in to the larger picture? Is there a better path that lies ahead for 'us'?

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The Clown Empire | FFT

The Roe v. Wade case has been overturned in the United States and, once again, the puppet masters pull the strings of two polarising (and largely uninformed) tribal groups.

Of course, beyond the false left-right paradigm is where the logical solution usually is found, and the abortion debate is no different.

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