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Member Circle: Roads to Nowhere | Ft. John le Bon

The notion that 'history' as we know it may be a complete fabrication sounds like an insane premise, yet examinations of the 'source evidence' reveals this picture to be shockingly true.

Upon closer research, much of humanity’s recollection of a 'vast history' spanning tens of thousands of years is actually shakily reconstructed, and not so easily demonstrated.

Who is checking 'history'? Did 'ancient civilizations' even exist? Importantly, what happens when one man decides to look at the claims for himself?


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Imperialism, China and Population Resets | FFT

The subjugation of societies witnessed over the past 12 months is the result of an attempted formation of a mass medical caste system coming to the light.

Has this happened all before? Could imperialistic endeavours of the past actually reveal to us a larger operation of population control?


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