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Member Circle: From the Depths | Ft. Adam Crazz

The vaccine rollout pushes forward with increased health propaganda, rapid testing workplace shifts, biotechnology and indefinite booster shots in the works.

Australia, once known as the "lucky country", finds itself today in the depths of scenes similar to those found in a science fiction movie - as free thinkers watch on in awe.

Live and direct from the depths.


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The ‘Elite’ Conundrum | FFT

Are the people who run the show really our enemies? Who are ‘we’ to begin with in the larger scheme of things? Why do some people have 'eyes to see', while others don't?

Is it okay to be ‘happy’ - or at least try to be emotionally content - when one understands the inevitable fate that the future holds for the NPC masses? Or has Ethan finally lost his mind?


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