November 29, 2023

11 thoughts on “Pfizer approved for 12-15 year olds – important points parents must know

  1. These injections are experimental…ONLY.. The company cannot be sued, the government cannot be sued if things go wrong. But more importantly , When we , they , have these injections . they make our own immune system weaker. My sister, to my horror has had two shots of AstraZeneca. Nor her doctor is talking about her booster shots. I told her to do proper research . but no. As for the kids, There is speculation about these injections making them sterile. The Gates family have been eugenicists for at least two generations.I do believe Bill and Melinda kids have NOT had the shots. Correct me if I am wrong.
    As a qualified yoga teachers i tell you wearing a mask is detrimental to your health. See how long you can do without air.Our workplaces have strict rules about the quality of air.
    Do not believe a word they say, always double check. Your quality of life depends on it.

    1. Industry in Australia is compelling workers to wear masks while they do physical work, telling those who say NO o take “sick leave” as it is Company Policy. This is bizarre yet Government backed. The spineless Government needs to slip into oblivion and be replaced by those with spines

      1. Same FIFO North of W.A.! & THEY, HSEQs, Should Know the MULTIPLE Negative side Effects/ Consequences of Rebreathing CO2! Enter the ‘Heirarchy of Control’, where under ‘COVID’ [Still got to FIND IT yet] PPE has been Flipped to the ‘First Line of Defence’! { & NONE of THE Masks, Are ‘Fit For Purpose’ – Viral Protection, ZERO. People should ‘Read’ the Manufacturers Supply Information – G.P.Surgical as well.]. 6 Million Masks/Minute used Globally @ one stage, hope THE ‘environmentalists’ are ‘Onboard’ with this ‘Pollution’! As a ‘Duty of Care’ Issue, which we are CONSTANTLY reminded of, Wonder what would happen if there was an ‘Incident’, whilst operating Machinery, or a Vehicle/Heavy Equipment?? Maybe even Psychological Trauma? Safety, Apparently, has NO price! [sic].
        Profit & Loss Units Only, ‘Business’ as Usual, Ably UNSUPPORTED by THE ‘System’.!

    2. Yes the world is literally under a spell. People defy all logical thought. A woman in Australia had several brain operations but still endorses it. Go figure as the yanks say. See or

  2. The scum responsible for organising and supporting the scamdemic need to be dragged into the streets and beaten to a pulp!!

  3. The psychopathic scum responsible for organising and supporting the scamdemic need to be dragged into the streets and beaten to a pulp!!

  4. Thank you for presenting a logical assessment. It is perhaps too laborious and detailed for the mindless masses to consume, but by citing the ‘official’ sources like the CDC at least it wont immediately offside them (as we know, if it isn’t from their beloved Government or a trusted brand name they simply cant accept it).

    The logic and justification has been flawed since day one, from the top down. There is no way I will ever be injected with this experimental rubbish for a disease that is so mild. To then think that they will seek to coerce me into letting them experiment on my children becomes an act of hostility and everyone should view it as such and meet it accordingly.

    I note earlier comment saying the Government needs to be replaced with one with a spine. I wish that was plausible but it’s a contradiction in terms. All viable options for Government in this country are the same, puppets of a higher order.

  5. Good one, Ethan, followed by very good comments. Yes, Satanist Anton LaVey, in the form of “Professor” John Skerritt (head of the pHARMa-owned TGA…anyone else notice the resemblance?) is at it again.

    Anyone else seen that video of the NSW Health official a few days ago, discussing the 141 people hospitalized in NSW “for Covid”? Of these, 43 are in intensive care and 28 are under 35 years of age. Right at the end he quietly mentioned (let slip) that 140 of them are “fully vaccinated” (i.e. had submitted to two “jabs”), while the last one has had one. These are NOT COVID “CASES”, folks, they are serious QUAX INJURIES. Yet our quisling “leaders” and their charlatan, pHARMa-owned “health” advisors are doubling down on the need for everyone to “get vaccinated” to “keep everyone safe”. Have you ever seen anything more evil and Orwellian than this??? I have a very brief, simple massage for all of those involved in this atrocity: NUREMBERG 2.

    1. If Folks want a ‘Operational Heads up’ on THE Pharmas P.E.T. warden [THE T.G.A.], take a look @ their Previous Histories, when Dealing with Australian Owned ‘Pan Pharmaceuticals’ – Early/ Mid 90’s. Pan’s ‘Travel sickness pills. As far as I am aware,NO One Died, several reactions to product ONLY![Forgotten name of Product]. TGA Result ; CLASS 1 Recall [NON Voluntary] on ALL Pan’s 1200 + products. Same Period Mercks product VIOXX [heart drug] Killed 60,000 + U.S. Citizens- Result Australian TGA > Class 2 recall [Voluntary Recall] That 1 Product only of Mercks.
      ALL’S FAIR! & You’d think, with the Federal Govt of Australia, blowing a KOOL Quarter of a TRILLION $s on Overpriced U.S./U.K, weapon Systems JUNK, that they could supply a few Sheckles to the TGA, rather than the TGA being ‘Sponsored’ by the ‘Industry’, that they are Suppose to be ‘Overseeing for US!’ Still don’t know HOW, THE TGA, is suppose to ‘Vett’ the ‘Science’ [Or LACK thereof], of these COVID Vaccines’, SORRY!,[Broke out the Dictionary again], ‘BIO Weapon Delivery Platforms’, without ‘Access’ to the ‘Cooking Ingredients’, OR, ACTUALLY DOING, the ‘INDEPENDENT/Sterile/Scientific Isolation SPECIFIC IDENTIFICATION’ of ‘NEW DISEASE’ = SARS-CoV-2 as a ‘Beginner’. . WHERE is the SUCKER?

    2. Do NOT allow your children to have these so-called vaccines. They can be deadly, they can wreck one’s health short and long term. Your kids may end up sterile. Do not take my word for this.DO YOUR RESEARCH. The vaccine suppliers will not pay compensation. Like they could ever pay enough. Also the government will not either. That shows confidence , like hell it does. Why would you trust them ? It is your choice. We all have to make them.


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