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How to stop AI recognising your face in photos

Ubiquitous facial recognition is a serious threat to privacy. The idea that photos we share are being collected by companies to train algorithms for various agendas, should not sit well.

However, the good news is that a growing number of tools now let you stop facial recognition systems from scoping in on your personal photos. Take a look at the new digital push back.


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Online surveillance of university students grows

Students were largely unable to attend campuses during COVID-19 lockdowns, and as a result, many universities turned to ‘online proctoring solutions’ to monitor classes during exams.

Academics and privacy experts have criticised these decisions, from multiple universities, to sign up to remote exam monitoring software created by third-party companies.


Member Circle: The History of ‘History’

Millions of people routinely gather at university sermons across the world, to study the sacred religious texts and teachings of scientism. For one to be accepted as a historic priest, or 'historian' in mainstream discourse, one must first have studied within this academic setting.

In our quest to objectively scrutinise official stories of history, we must begin by looking at the academies, or churches, themselves. Authority figures who peddle grand myths of our time.

When did they begin teaching? More specifically, when did they begin teaching 'history'?


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How to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety: 8 Best Tips

Everyone has been confronted with some type of COVID anxiety at some point, as millions remain under stress related to continuous lockdowns, social life restrictions and travel bans.

The pandemic has significantly affected the world economy, which resulted in people losing jobs or being forced to close their businesses. How is COVID-19 affecting mental health?



History Hoax: The Veil Lifted | Part I

Humanity has always sought a connection to the past, whether it be in museums, in books, or the world around us. This is our inheritance, we are told, from a timeline spanning millennia.

Stories of ‘history’ are ingrained in our minds so early, as such a ‘matter of fact’, that the mythology continues to permeate most of our existences without demanding critical reflection.

As a result, nobody ever stops to examine the vast literary hallucinations that form the basis of 'historical research', or the subsequent mass consensus that is largely based in illusion.


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