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Australia has a 98.4% survival rate for COVID

It is time the Australian establishment stops obsessing over significantly low positive COVID tests results and ‘attributed virus deaths’, given the overwhelming survival rates.

An examination of mortality and case statistics reveals that Australia has a 98.4% survival rate from COVID-19, with only 4.15 (questionable) deaths recorded per 100,000 people.


Is the NSW Government becoming a Hobbesian ‘Leviathan’?

The back half of 2021 has witnessed unprecedented scenes occur in Australia, with the NSW government growing into something resembling a Hobbesian Leviathan.

The word ‘Leviathan’ is believed to have come from the Hebrew etymology: “Lavah”, meaning “to couple, connect, or join” and “Tannin”, meaning “serpent or dragon”.


Opioid Crisis: How FDA regulation failures allowed it to happen

Over the past 25 years, pharmaceutical companies have promoted opioid use in ways that were often neither safe, nor effective, causing significant harm on patients and consumers.

Regulatory failures made by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in approving and labelling new products, including deceptive safety studies, allowed for this to reach crisis point.


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Space Deception: ‘Big G’ and the Cavendish Hoax

In 1798, an autistic man named Henry Cavendish was able to determine the weight of the Earth - and the value of gravity - by hanging two lead balls in his backyard shed.

Pulling off this amazing task a century before electricity was invented, the work of Cavendish was done to a 99% accuracy rate - still forming the basis of many scientific endeavours today.

Sound a little absurd? That's because it is.


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Biofascism: The Shift from Techno-Control to Biological Tyranny

A new form of authoritarian ruling class is emerging through means of bio-pharmalogical advancements; using COVID-19 to further consolidate and grow their power.

The influence of Big Pharma over our freedoms, and the normalisation of such, is allowing the scope of fascism to quickly expand from technological control, to include biological control.