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World Economic Forum to host “The Great Reset”

In a matter of weeks, the coronavirus took over healthcare systems, economies and societies, continuing to impact Australia and the greater world.

The World Economic Forum, instrumental in Event 201, is now calling for a “balanced and inclusive response that makes economies and societies future-proof”, titled ‘The Great Reset’.


Synchromysticism and the Mind Virus

Examination into esoteric phenomena concerns interpretations of communication from a conscious universe, unconsciously drawn into the human mind through patterns and codes.

How can we use cryptic understandings of symbols to decode the path of world events? What can we learn about ‘synchronicities’ relating to coronavirus and the Book of Revelation?


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Scientism: The Religion of Science

How many times have you heard the term: 'It has been scientifically proven’?

At the heart of existence lies a longing to make sense. Why are we here? What is life about? These questions are as old as time. How are we to answer them? Can they even be answered?

Those who reject spiritual guides in life claim to have done so in favour of reasonable, clear-cut answers, provided by 'scientific logic'. However, when pressed to explain the underpinnings of this logic, most realise they actually understand very little. They were exhibiting blind faith.


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Unemployment leading to mass ‘Work for the Dole’

Growing unemployment in wake of the COVID-19 lockdown could force more than 200,000 Australians onto the federal government’s Work for the Dole scheme, new research warns.

As jobseeking requirements return, despite a struggling job market, experts are concerned Australians are being pushed towards a program described as “slave labour re-branded”.


Mask wearing is ritualistic submission

Wearing a mask in public will be made compulsory for all individuals in ‘coronavirus-hit’ Melbourne and Mitchell Shire tomorrow, despite no evidence the technique is effective.

Masks have traditionally played an important role in occult rituals, and in a world of symbolism and programming, the masses are being taught to collectively show their wilful submission.