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Is COVID-19 a giant set up? | FFT

As the COVID-19 saga continues, divisive narratives have become the dysfunctional normality for political actors and media groups across Australia, proliferating in recent months.

Nightly news programs and social media algorithms, coupled with automation and big data, are being used to manipulate public opinion. Something smells fishy beneath the surface.


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Layers of Lies: The Hoax Hierarchy

Humans are birthed into a conscious and unconscious conditioning process, in which collective culture internalises and becomes enculturated in a vast lie system.

One adapts the false dreams and expectations, rules and requirements, for every demand inside this vast web of deception - where reality has replaced with a hollow simulation.


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Acedia: The lost emotion humans are feeling

The term ‘acedia’ holds an important place in early monastic demonology and psychology, once characterised as “the most troublesome of all” the eight genera of evil thoughts.

Naming and expressing experiences allows us to claim some agency in dealing with them, and when examining the current state of the world, this forgotten feeling is more relevant than ever.