November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “Biofascism: The Shift from Techno-Control to Biological Tyranny

  1. Nice analysis by Dr TJ. For example, in Qld you have a Premier who, together with a charlatan public “health” officer (soon to become Governor), drums up fake “covid cases” which send the fearful sheeple to seek more fake “tests”, which, in addition to providing [much needed] income for the “test”‘s patentholder, Richard Rothschild, collect lots more nice, clean (from near their brains) DNA samples for the bio-fascist outfit headed by the Premier’s very father, who is strongly linked to the “health” officer’s very husband, a pHARMa-associated biochemist. Nice cosy little arrangement. Not so good for the Queensland people, though. And it is similar in all of the States.

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