November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “Epsilon Agenda: The Final Revolution

  1. I have been aware for some time already that when I bought Aldous Huxley’s book “A brave new World ” and it was introduced as a topic of interest and Fahrenheit 451 in my high school English class the book I put it far into the back of my mind. having had a hard life persecution wise I came back to those titles of books as ten years ago I got aware more and more when I bought unusual magazines such as NEW DAWN and the Kiwi version of UNCENSORED magazine. I would simply love any more information from any unusual magazines world wide. Speak Dutch and English. Thank you so much Nico Vegt

  2. Just a question here. How likely would the Global financial reset be ruined by a EMP mass coronal Ejection by the Sun, and how much damage will it do to the reset? Will it stop it completely or partially as a set back and business as usual? Thank you for allowing me to be interactive with the issues plaguing humanity . I veryu much appreciate it. Will I get an answer to my pressing question? Hope so.

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