December 1, 2023

11 thoughts on “Pandemic reveals the sham of human rights industry | Opinion

  1. Weak bastards! ‘My body, my choice” landed me in court last Monday, for repeatedly refusing to submit to the fake, invasive, DNA-harvesting nasal rape swab and PCR “test” back in March/April. Well, not quite in court: I refused to don a face nappy, so was excluded from the building, let alone the court. Anyway, I was represented by my lawyers and my case was adjourned until mid-Dec. There were plenty of supporters and TV reporters present, so I “held my own court” outside. Gave them a 20-minute rant covering the fake tests, face nappies and the killer quax. Got reported on the ABC and 7 news that night, but the only bit that survived editing was: “It’s a fraudulent test; I know that because I’m a true scientist, unlike those folk at that Orwellian outfit on Hindmarsh Square” [SA “Health”]. Better than nothing, I suppose. Riccardo Bosi (AustraliaOne), who was also charged with ignoring a “direction” for non-face nappy wearing at Adelaide Airport, adopted a belligerent “common law” approach, and in his phone call from Sydney ended up calling the magistrate “a traitor and an imbecile”. The magistrate said “I’m not putting up with any more of this nonsense” and hung up on him…adjourned till January.

  2. I guess George Carlin was right there is no such things rights, we just made them up like the boogieman! Rights are an idea and just like all ideas don’t expect others will uphold them on your behalf!

  3. An excellent article, and yes, let us never forget their silence. The same applies to the various so-called civil liberties groups across the country.

    Their lethargy and absence on these matters have laid bare their apparent close relationships with the government. Their policies of not wanting to rock the boat have turned these once practical organisations into nothing more than virtue signalling bureaucracies.

    Not that it matters, though, as many grassroots movements have popped up in their place. I think part of the problem lies in institutions such as Human Rights Commissions are only as effective as the demands we place on them.

    Time is running out for people to decide how they want their relationship with authority to look.

  4. The human rights com. R a useless bunch. I filled out discrimination papers against a store refusing me service for not having a mask & they wanted me to show proof of an exemption. They r supposed to know the law, where’s my privacy & rights?

  5. Hallah- bloody- luhyah, someone has finally said it:
    “The largest Social Experiment in human history has exposed; the human rights
    ” Industry “, as one of the biggest intellectual “Shams” ; we have ever witnessed:”

    Absa- bloody- lootly:!! It is said, the first victim in war, is the Truth; no doubt,
    I would suggest, that the absolute obvious of practice of Propaganda: deceit,
    misinformation, and the obfuscation of Hu( colour) man , dignity, the rights,
    as proposed, are a flagrant fraud: and share equal billing in the ” fog of war ” stakes.

    Industry: ! in- deed:

    These, whisperers; who usher forth gushing pronouncements, of the proprietary
    respects , to decency, dignity, the lessons learned from the past, are all false
    Prophets, placatcators, liars, and have not engaged in the historic lessons of
    of man: the antithesis: ” We Do Not Learn From History ” , we repeat it : because
    we forget: that that same criminals, always rise to the top:

    There is no vision, but the ” greater good” is as facile, as it is dangerous; to cover
    a multitude of sins, the implied guilt, you must sacrifice yourself, for others,
    well, sounds like, mind games to me, cause thems who’s creating this ain’t
    giving up ‘ jack’, in fact benefiting, from the greatest transfer of wealth, ever
    seen on this planet, with more of that ‘ common good ‘ on the way:

    We notice though, lots of words , No actions, Silence as was stated, the
    unwillingness of the unwilling, there is no coalition, of the righteous, because
    many of those souls , who have the courage, find themselves alone, with
    the ‘ common good wolves” at the door; to fact check them into oblivion:

    Those who seek to survive, with faint if unrealistic view that ‘normal ‘ will
    some how return; no it will not;
    I think a testament to this is Leunig, his cartoons and social,statements,
    have been with us for decades, but now, his ‘ art of comment ‘ is too
    brutally telling because truth now is’ Silenced’ and the Right to be Human:
    To be a man or a woman, has no definition: .put on your mask, take the
    knee, ……who are you? …….Slave:?

    Thank you , for this article, the ‘ Industry ‘ is right, the exploitation of
    hopium, by these people is farcical, how many know where and what
    Yemen is, how many other excuses are given for the abuse of human
    rights, called murder and genocide, for the greater good, which is then

  6. Firstly well written article Ethan. The greater good or common good is a phrase that has been coined by the Papacy in his Encyclical Laudato Si, which is currently being approved and signed by all the leaders of the world to be soon enshrined into laws against the constitution of every country and against human rights at COP26. There were never “human rights”. This was just a smoke screen and part of the plan just like LGBTQi , Feminism, to name a few, to self-destroy humanity bit by bit and enslave it.

    As to the common good, it will mean that we will all be forced to have a SUN-day of rest or lockdown enforced upon us to care for the “common home”, ( here are these words again ) and because mother earth is angry at the catechumen for breathing too much and apparently destroying the planet, so the 1% tell us.

    The reality is far from what they make it out to be. The 1% with the Papacy at the head, have been destroying this world for their personal gains and have had the audacity to blame the mere mortal trying to about his business of daily living a relatively happy life. They have cleverly used the con-vid-19 plandemic as well as the inoculation as a vehicle to bring in the mark of the beast as outlined in Revelation 13:17.

    But, GOD will destroy those who destroy the earth and their plan will not come to completion just like the Tower of Babel did not come to completion. However each and everyone is currently making a choice of which side they stand on and whether they will accept the mark or not as in the end there will only be two sides.

  7. Yup “human rights” have become like the hospital complaints system – just a way to contain people on the pretence of serving their interests. The obvious argument against “the common good”, that somehow never gets a mention, is its paradoxical, self-defeating nature. There is no common good without indiviudal good. Similarly, there is no public health without individual health. This whole distorsion of ethics into something that can be objectively measured, using bogus metrics like QALYs and scientific outcomes costed against “quality of life” are the convenient pseudoscience of psychopaths. I have never met a medical ethicist who would grasp the true meaning of ethics, since most people with true empathy and compassion but also intelligent enough to articulate it cogently can’t stand to remain in the field.

    1. Happy Days! “Blue Moon, You keep shining on Me, Blue Moon.” Richard Rogers/ Lorenz Hart 1934 origin, I think.
      Very Refreshing! Comment, goes without saying. Goes without saying.
      Was thinking Upon, current/Near Future ‘Medical Restrictions/ Access’, that if THE Western Australian Repression Agency [Passing itself OFF as ‘Government/Authority – Loose Term], is ‘Pressing Forward’ with an EVER CHANGING Vaxx % Ratio, our ‘GROUP’ is going to En Masse Cancel OUR Private Health Subscription/Contributions, & watch THE Systems just PERISH!
      Why, Logically, support A SYSTEM, NOT engaged for BENEFIT OF ALL? WE, are currently Organising to En Masse ‘Queen Mab’ the ‘Flawed Systems’, & a New Genesis of ‘PROPER CARE’, Devoid of the Current Charlatans of Purpose!

  8. Short but simply one of the finest essays to appear during this (new) war, if only because of the plain truth in “Rights arguments are simply won by the side with the most money or internet followers”
    Further it points to the “Enlightenment” itself and its “god” of representative government etc. as a revealed sham.

  9. Bravo Ethan, excellent article and opinion piece.

    I wonder if the UN will continue with their farce of ‘Human Rights’ and call them ‘Trans-Human Rights’ ??

    We pure-bloods will take care of our own because we know what true compassion is – we don’t need the NWO fake ‘rights’.

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