October 3, 2023

8 thoughts on “New dubious changes for vaccine information in Australia

  1. Most people who get the deadly poison would not bother to read any leaflets anyway, same with any medication they are given, they “trust” their “gods” (doctors and politicians) to keep them safe. But we must encourage those who think they need any vaccines to ask for a print out from the doctors computer and to discuss the possibilities of adverse reactions to give complete “informed” consent.

  2. Also to this the product inserts were missing in packets for HI blood pressure tables I collected last year I asked the chemist and was told they do not provide that information anymore,.. I questioned why, and could it she find out what contraindications there are or what ingredients are int his drug… NO, cannot, so people / patients are forced to trust their GP>>??? And or the chemist,. who just sells the package and asks NO questions,. suffice to say these to lower HI BP did exactly the opposite the Patient was feeling worse week after week and on checking BP at home was at 220???? A call to emergency doctor and their simple reply was stop taking right away and see you GP,.. no comment when saying ANY visit to this GP is a minimum 14 days.. SO get back onto healthy food and stay away from big pharma… there ARE ways to reduce HI BP naturally…. which I am not permitted to speak about

    1. A proper chemist knows more about medications than a doctor, so find one that will tell you. And yes I agree better to treat naturally with fresh wholefoods, preferably organic, herbs and homeopathics.

      1. Actually if you watch the salt video by Barbara O’Neill you’ll see what the salt problem actually is – we should be having Celtic salt, not table salt. Massive difference in how the cell responds to absorbing the minerals.

  3. Regarding salt must watch is a video by Barbara O’Neill explaining how vital Celtic salt is for our cell health. It’s table salt- highly interfered with that does the damage

  4. I don’t care any more. If the Covid-vaxxed still haven’t cottoned on to the dangers of vaccines and plan to accept any future tech-injectables, then they wouldn’t want to read the inserts anyway.
    And the rest of us who will refuse these injections don’t need the inserts.

  5. No info – no can do. Good luck to anyone who ignores that. Of course, the provided info is just one set of data to investigate further. There will be other avenues to check!

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