Max Igan discusses the COVID reset, history | Podcast

Max Igan breaks down the ongoing international narrative, the Great Reset, future AI control grid, solutions to combat totalitarian restrictions and more.

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Dismantling the lies. Photo: AWL

We are living in crazy, uncertain and unprecedented times here in Australia, while the world struggles to hold on to the foundations of truth, freedom and liberty.

As this engineered event continues to unfold, moves are being made behind the scenes to reform many key systems across society, using the coronavirus to call for ‘The Great Reset’.

What is the agenda underpinning calls to reset the word? How can we further understand and combat where this is all headed? Has humanity experienced this before?

On the Season 2 finale of the General Knowledge Podcast, the team is joined by Max Igan, who breaks down the ongoing #CoronaHoax narrative, the Great Reset currently underway, the future AI control grid, potential solutions to combat totalitarian restrictions and more. 



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What is the reason for so many underground bases and tunnels across the world? Does this relate to the international COVID Reset? How much do we really know about ‘history’?

The following audio snippet contains Max breaking down the answers to the questions above in his own words.

From the latest episode:

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  1. Our children digital enslavement future. Shocking and sad video. I’ve had enough of schools, Churches and councils who are not standing up to any of this BS. What is wrong with these organisations and TEACHERS?. infuriates me!!

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