Amazing Bill Gates coronavirus ‘coincidence’

Synchromysticism has been described as “realising meaningful coincidences in the seemingly mundane, with mystical or esoteric significance”.

Each world-changing event is connected in ways most will never understand.


‘Alright, you got me!’ – Bill Gates.
What can sync and gematria tell us about Bill Gates’ deeper links to the coronavirus ‘pandemic’?

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The Origins of Mass Mind Control


Numerology serves as a secret language encoded inside the realm of reality that can be used to decipher meaning in ways not apparent to the naked mind.

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Synchromysticism and the Mind Virus

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3 comments on “Amazing Bill Gates coronavirus ‘coincidence’”

  1. Numerology is indeed widely used by the Freemason and the Illuminati and since all for them are into it, they use it a lot for passing one subliminal messages. The IMF, the WHO, the WEF, Bill and Melinda Gates and even the Evangelical Christian such as Jonathan Cahn. Here is Christine Lagarde from the IMF.

  2. Enjoyed all the fun showing about Bill H Gates & 201..
    Didn’t have to even get that info from the right .
    Another thing …….With the red rose day, That was for baby cot deaths, I wonder if the cot deaths are related to baby so called vitamin ???? needle in the foot after birth and for 2 -3 month vaccines or even later vaccines.
    Only because of my grandsons having breathing problems at 3 months when they didn’t show signs before.

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