December 1, 2023

12 thoughts on “‘We built this city!’: Pro-choice tradies bring Melbourne to a standstill

  1. As I have commented in another forum, the CFMEU is repaying the govt the favor that was done to them, when Stekla and another leader were not found guilty of black mail. Both the Govt and the CFMEU are in each other’s pocket from day one. The Unions help Daniel Andrews get elected and in turn he protects them and on it goes even at the detriment of the Union Members. But these members should have known better from past history.

    The trades unions and confederacies of the world are a snare. People should have kept out of them, and away from them and have had nothing to do with them.

    The trades unions will be one of the agencies that will bring upon this earth a time of trouble such as has not been since the world began bringing about turmoil and confusion that fill these cities. This is clearly being seen. We were never meant to unite with secret societies or with trades unions. We are to stand free in God.

    One thing is sure, the Police Union, when time comes, will sell out their members too but since the Police has let down everyone else in the country and taken the position for which others were found guilty in the Nurember trial, namely “that they only obeyed orders and are only doing their job” , no one will stand up for them, when the time comes. They are making their bed and will lie on it. The below tells all.

  2. Great footage and comments. Heartening to see there are still some real men in Victoria. How timely is my current Quaxling of the Week, Sharon Burrows & the ACTU…and let’s throw in Sally McManus and the pathetic Bill Shorten as well. Quislings/traitors to their members and to the people of Australia. Burrows “nominated” by the great old unionist referred to by Healthactivist1 above.

  3. Where oh where were the VicPol ??? These guys left wing and not to be disturbed ? much like BLM, Antifa etc ?? Just reafirms the fact that its all political. Comrade Dan doesn’t give a damn and certainly doesn’t give a hoot about anyone that has a different opinion other than the Almighty Saviours.

  4. Great demonstration fellas, I,m “PROUD” of everyone of you, “WE” all are on “YOUR SIDE” I heard the cars beeping their horns in support, the “ONLY” cunts are the paid of Parasitic thugs in Blue, & the DESPICABLE, RANCID< MEDIA ! CFMEU , "SHAME" SHAME" THE ONLY UNION is FREE MEN & WOMEN STANDING UP TO THE CORRUPT TYRANNY !

  5. Unions have protected workers, and the conditions and privileges that workers enjoy today are a result almost entirely of Unions efforts. They are the traditional enemy of big government and big business in their defence of the worker.

    Just sayin’.

  6. What absolute shit some of these talking heads come up with … talking down to people who are courageous enough to stand up against what is a medical state driven aspect of tyranny and abuse of power.

    I see how people are having a go at the reporters … I hope it continues the sanctimonious condescending pieces of shit that they are

    1. People should have Zero ILLUSION, per the FULLY PROSTITUTED Media. THE Studio WANKER [SORRY] – ANCHOR, Çomments ‘that throwing a PE Bottle @ the onsite Reporter/ Camera Combo is Çowardly & Unacceptible, but Previous predominantly Non violent [at least by general Masses] Melbourne freedom protests [Antagonistic Police Force Elements WERE in Evidence, AND, PRE Équipped’ to do same], Same WANKER [SORRY AGAIN] Ánchor’ was OBVIOUS BY HIS ABSENCE, on Commenting on ‘Steadfast Moral Fibre’ required for 2 CAPABLE Male Cops to knock a Middle aged Female Citizen to the ground ,AND @ THREAT LEVEL IN THE NEGATIVE ZONE, Doust her with Chemicals [Including straight to Face, Not sure if THIS is included in the Chemical manufacturers SDS/ Recommendations], Then offer THE VICTIM, NO 1st aid assistance! IS THIS what ‘MEDIA’ and THEIR WANKERS [Correct term this time – WANKER acronym- Without Actual Nominal Knowledge Excremental Resources, others may refer to this as THE Bullshit Factor, Apologies to Bovines for Association reference to ‘SUB LEVEL Entities; ‘Media Circus ] describes as ÁCCEPTIBLE? ANSWER = YES!
      Honey drips from the Collective Medias Mouths looking straight into your Eyes with FULL SINCERITY, WHILST BURYING AN AXE INTO OUR COLLECTIVE BACKS!
      Wellness to US!

  7. I heard one of the protestors died from injuries received from the “crowd dispersal” hardware – does anyone know if this is true?

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