December 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “Discussion: Despotism Down Under | Ethan on Sunday Wire

  1. Great to hear you on The Sunday Wire with Patrick, Ethan. You summarised the Australian coronahoax pantomime eloquently. We are blighted with an overabundance of quislings in government, the media and big business. Another problem is a lack of courage in so many Australians, who fail to stand up to this nonsense. For example, in my State of South Australia, until two weeks ago I was the only person to refuse to submit to the fraudulent, invasive, DNA-collecting PCR “covid test” (now there are two of us) upon which the whole fake covid edifice is based (still awaiting word on how the police will prosecute me, 3.5 months after my heinous crime, which carries a maximum penalty of a $20,000 fine or two years’ gaol!). And a few nights ago I attended a performance by the excellent Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. They had a “mask mandate”, but I did not wear one, easily deflecting two attempts to make me wear one. Among the audience of hundreds, only three others were not masketeers. The rest were bien pensants. One bloke near me even sported a serious respirator that looked like a gas mask. At first I thought he was taking the piss, but in fact he was a fully subscribed fearful Branch Covidian. Good to see that “Covi”, in addition to being crafty, devious and able to “spread like wildfire”, also respects good classical music, as the orchestra and conductor, James Judd, were unmasked. However, the violin virtuoso, Grace Clifford, allowed to travel from Sydney to SA under a special covid arrangement, was made to wear a mask. She still managed to play Bruch’s violin concerto superbly.

    We need a lot more Australians to stand up against this madness, or the noose will gradually tighten. A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.

    1. ‘NOT Wearing a Mask! OMG!
      You could always put it back on THE Government, saying that;
      NONE, of THEIR MASKS are actually ‘Compliant’; aka; ZERO Fit for Purpose – Even The Cops & [I find Amazing] = The ‘Apparent’ front Line Workers.’ Must be the portable Blast Shield ,as well as their ‘Masks’, that make the difference.
      Comedy of Monkees; I ‘Have to wear a Mask ‘outside’ [During Lockdowns],From Surface to ‘Space’ is 480Kms Thick, but even if 1 said most of ‘It’ is only 16Kms high, along with sunshine [Vit D], I STILL have to wear a Mask, BUT, I can ‘Exercise/ Be in EXACTLY the same Area for Hours, & Eat-Drink-Have a Smoke’ WITHOUT A MASK, & COVID ‘KNOWS’, NOT to push me into a Ditch for Me Lunch Money! GOSH, those politicians/ Lawmakers, Chief medical Officers, AMA, MS & Social Media are SMART PEOPLE! Thank God for THEIR COLLECTIVE WISDOM! now where’s my RE Subscription to ‘Bashing Black Cats in a Wicker Basket Monthly? [I LOVE CATS!]
      Back to Masks; Notes for General usage; ‘Surgical Masks’; These are a General purpose Mask.[This should be on outside of ‘Supply Carton’] WARNING; THIS MASK IS NOT A RESPIRATOR. THIS IS A EARLOOP MASK AND IS NO PROTECTION AGAINST CORONA VIRUS (COVID 19), OR OTHER VIRUS OR CONTAMINENTS.
      Masks are a ‘JOKE’, & obviously because of Inherent problems of Rebreathing your own Exhaled air, even for a small time, they MUST ONLY, be for Psychological Warfare [NO Speak & Lack of Identifying Facial Expression – Obviously difficult for Hearing Impaired Folks]], AND, to Exacerbate Individual /Social NEGATIVE Health Issues!
      THE Government/ A.M.A./ Media (Main Stream & Social] ALLREADY Know this!
      Apart from The TOO large Micron Mask/ Viral Ratios [ALL MASKS General/Surgical/ Clothe], there is the Further Complications of ‘MASK CONSTRUCTION ‘COMPONENTS’ = GRATHENE Nano particulants!
      This material is ‘Robust’, and is currently under ‘DEVELOPMENTS’ [Already in Masks[With Grathene Mask particles in Sensitive Lung tissue leading to a range of Chronic Inflammatory responses – Maybe THEY could ‘Rebrand’ This as well to Be CON JOB 19 Symptoms, & THE Particles breathed in , Have ZERO chance of ‘Extraction’], Also found in COVID Test Swabs] for A.I. Transhumanism ‘Merck’s Therapeutic Projects’.. Reference Innervia – Bioelectronics, a Subsidiary of Inbrain Neuroelectronics.
      Late News; N.S.W & Victoria. THE ‘RUM CORPs’ BACK IN TOWN! Gee, Wonder if they EVER REALLY LEFT?

  2. Google “Kangaroo Court of Australia” and “Bill Heffernan” and you can understand why they are scared of people finding out that the Pedo…files are in power and there are lost of them. Someone just named the 33 politicians in bitchute!

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