December 7, 2023

8 thoughts on “No fun in war time: John Schumann targets freedom video remix

  1. Presumably schumann was awake to the deception behind the Vietnam war, but with the current work of deception pulled by the Globalist cabal he is obviously sound asleep. And hes somehow forgotten we have immune systems and these current so called vaccines damage immune systems. He’s quite welcome to take his shots and be protected…. what the vaccines don’t stop you getting so called covid…and they don’t stop you spreading the so called virus. Does John not see the massive risk taken by people who accept the shots and for what?

  2. My opinion of Schumann has plummeted…what a prat, just another cowardly bien pensant. Go and get quaxxed and then lock down forever, clad in your face nappy, John!

  3. Mssr Schumann must USE the same prophetic Oracle that THE U.S Corporation passing itself off as The Áustralian Federal government [Commonwealth of Australia – Normally capitals], to be so Ín tune” [sorry], with the ‘Multiple Success stories’ [War, Escalating conflicts or ‘Police Actions’, depending on ‘Legal’ pigeon holing in Vogue @ Time of Ops], we seem to have supported THE’s in. I thought í was only 19′, was about thought provokng Lyrics regarding Tangible Conflict & Óutcomes’. So with the Relevent overlay of current situational lyrics, & STILL involved in ANOTHER Global War, especially & involving the Countries Youth & Óutcomes STILL’. What?

  4. Just thought I’d post a link to a British rapper’s inspired covid rant set to rap. It may be British but it’s just as fitting for us.

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