No fun in war time: John Schumann targets freedom video remix

This post originally contained a YouTube video that remixed Redgum’s classic war song, ‘I Was Only 19’, with a COVID twist. However, not even half a day later, issues have arisen.

John is not impressed with calls for freedom.
Photo: ABC

Updated: 18 August 2021.

You may be looking for the video, ‘This Is Our Country’, published via this page.

For those wondering where it has gone, TOTT News would like to clarify (and now report on) why the video has since been removed from the website.

Australian artist John Schumann is now targeting the video for copyright issues, it has been revealed, after the COVID-19 remix of Redgum’s classic war song, ‘I Was Only 19‘, was published.

TOTT News has been contacted by sources inside of John Schumann’s team, who have requested that the copyrighted use of his song be removed from the internet, pending further legal action.

We have respected this claim.

The video had just over three thousand views on YouTube before being targeted.

In addition to copyright claims, Schumann told TOTT News:

“I object strenuously to the use of my work promulgating what I consider to be a stupid and socially irresponsible message.”

The video in question remixed song lyrics to ‘I Was Only 19’, calling for an end to lockdown restrictions. It also overlaid images and footage of human rights abuses and police brutality in Australia over the last 18 months.

John has since taken to social media to publicly declare his attack and opposition against what he calls “anti-vaxxer” content, despite the remix containing no references to vaccines:

Photo: Facebook

Let’s not forget that John Stuart Mill (quoted by Schumann above) argued that the state may legitimately regulate marriage and child-bearing, and was a leading proponent of these theories in an era of Galton-inspired eugenics.

Think of this what you will.

One Facebook user responded to his post by pointing out the flaws in his freedom logic, in comparison to the brutal and failed campaign of Vietnam, which the original song was about:

Vietnam was opposed by millions of people across the planet.

John also recently hit out at the use of his song at Freedom Day rallies across the country last month, saying he was “absolutely incensed” over the tune being played by protesters.

We have seen similar copyright issues from artists occur in the past, specifically with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign efforts, and the use of songs on a Spotify playlist by Cory Bernardi.

Ethan Nash from TOTT News commented on this push: “I didn’t even know who John was, to be honest, just the song. It was a big tune, I hear, for the Vietnam War Hoax era. It’s sad to discover that now — when we are in real war time — a simple remix of a classic song will not be permitted by the artist under fair use.

Apologies to all readers — a very interesting development.

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  1. Presumably schumann was awake to the deception behind the Vietnam war, but with the current work of deception pulled by the Globalist cabal he is obviously sound asleep. And hes somehow forgotten we have immune systems and these current so called vaccines damage immune systems. He’s quite welcome to take his shots and be protected…. what the vaccines don’t stop you getting so called covid…and they don’t stop you spreading the so called virus. Does John not see the massive risk taken by people who accept the shots and for what?

  2. My opinion of Schumann has plummeted…what a prat, just another cowardly bien pensant. Go and get quaxxed and then lock down forever, clad in your face nappy, John!

  3. Mssr Schumann must USE the same prophetic Oracle that THE U.S Corporation passing itself off as The Áustralian Federal government [Commonwealth of Australia – Normally capitals], to be so Ín tune” [sorry], with the ‘Multiple Success stories’ [War, Escalating conflicts or ‘Police Actions’, depending on ‘Legal’ pigeon holing in Vogue @ Time of Ops], we seem to have supported THE’s in. I thought í was only 19′, was about thought provokng Lyrics regarding Tangible Conflict & Óutcomes’. So with the Relevent overlay of current situational lyrics, & STILL involved in ANOTHER Global War, especially & involving the Countries Youth & Óutcomes STILL’. What?

  4. Just thought I’d post a link to a British rapper’s inspired covid rant set to rap. It may be British but it’s just as fitting for us.

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