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Australia joins international COVAX Facility

Australia will have access to some of the world’s leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates, as the government commits more than $120 million to enter an international vaccine agreement.

The federal government has struck a deal to join the world vaccine facility known as COVAX, which is co-led by the World Health Organization, CEPI and GAVI.


Chinese drones are monitoring Australian skies

A new consultation paper has warned against the “malicious use” of drone technology by the Chinese Communist Party in Australia, as millions of devices continue to go unaccounted for.

The report cites government and business sites, as well as infrastructure and crowded places, as vulnerable to image and signals gathering, espionage, data exfiltration or physical attack.


Authorities warn conspiracies risk national security

Both government and ASIO officials have raised concerns over a developing national security threat, which they say has ‘risen through the spread of conspiracies online’.

According to new information uncovered, authorities claim ‘conspiracy theorists’ have exploited the coronavirus and summer bushfires to split the community like ‘extremists’.


Concerns over surveillance units in Melbourne

Mobile surveillance units are being used in parks and public spaces across Melbourne to remotely monitor citizens during stage four restrictions, fuelling privacy concerns.

The technology is the latest step in Melbourne’s ongoing shift towards a techno-fascist state, which has seen the introduction of facial recognition cameras and other ‘smart city’ initiatives.