Discussion: 9/11 20th Anniversary Special

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20 years later.
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On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan, General and Andy are joined by author and researcher John Hamer, as the team reflects back on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Discussions include initial reactions to 9/11, individual paths of awakening, a break down of many popular theories and documentaries over the years, the significance of 9/11 as a world event, increased surveillance legislation, similarities to the coronavirus operation and more.




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Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

Zeitgeist: The Movie

September Clues by Simon Shack

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out
AE911 Truth (One Hour Free Version of DVD)

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
(Explained in 5 Minutes)

War by Deception

What Planes?
Dr. Morgan Reynolds

The Fake Planes of 9/11

A look at Luke Rudkowski‘s amazing work for We Are Change in 2011 that heavily inspired Ethan as a young activist, leading to the formation of TOTT News as a platform:

We Are Change Brisbane
9/11 and Corona Street Actions
On-the-ground activism since 2008!
Come join the fun!

9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money
James Corbett

9/11 Suspects
James Corbett

9/11 War Games
James Corbett

9/11 Whistleblowers
James Corbett

Monolith: A 9/11 Space Odyssey
TOTT Member Presentation

What was the true purpose of 9/11? | FFT

Dark Paper Trail: Revisiting Peter Power and the London Bombings of 2005

How 9/11 Was Done

Israel Did 9/11
John Hamer


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2 comments on “Discussion: 9/11 20th Anniversary Special”

  1. Greetings to the ‘UnWashed!’.
    A few observances from a ‘Below dust line’ Exist’r. 9/11 Mural top of post;
    Re 911 – “Call me IT’s an emergency- For Reminder programming”.; Let’s See, Bald Eagle – Endangered, & shedding a tear – Possibly for the Death of Liberty, or Exposure to too Much Tear gas!; The U.S. flag is now NOT the Full flag,[&the MILITARY version @ ‘that’]; THE Twin towers have been ‘Purposefully’ Snuffed out [Twin pillars of strength],Dust PLUS {Thought ref; Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technologies – Judy Wood B.S,M.S.,PhD. May also explain ‘Continual Coincidental “Firing” & Geo Engineering Main land USA & Eastern Sea Board Australia},; The Candle will have to be ‘Snuffed out’ because of ‘Contribution to Theoretical climate change’,;
    Nice mix of Clean/Healthy ‘Aryan Kids’ playing ‘Soccer’ [thought 2001 U.S mainstream was baseball/basketball/grid iron] on nice green grass [NO flowers in sight, so Military doesn’t have to deploy ‘Daisy Cutters];
    Not an aircraft in ‘Plain Sight’ from BLA [Bin Laden Airlines – Not sure of ‘HIS’ ongoing Involvement as BLM C.E.O. seeing as apparently passing away Dec/2001 from renal failure, & very Unprofessional of ‘HIM’ to pass away @ an inopportune moment, considering C.I.As ‘Investment in Al Qaeda’ – THEIR ASSET – STILL!]
    Moving on; ‘Actuals’; Top left of Mural – Nice Sewer pipework, Maybe remove the blanking cap from Y junction & improve overall theme, by accentuating IT, as an ‘ACTUAL Crock of Shit!’
    “YO, Warlock! What’s with the Pentagon, as a nest for ;
    Concentrated Unilateral Nefarious Terminating Stratagems?” My mistake. I thought there was an acronym There,in the Brewing! – Maybe.
    Ditty time.
    & SO it comes to pass,
    Another False flag Farce.
    20 Years a Tricksies,
    passed off once AGAIN as histories
    NORADs Banging the Drum,
    Coincidentally Operation Vigilant Guardian.
    National Security response protocol Mysteriously squashed,
    Intercept units Redirected to the ‘Car Wash’.
    3,000 dead in twin tower False flagging,
    SAME 7/12/41 Pearl Harbour BAGGING!
    Leveraged by Presidential Commission,
    War for ‘Control’ the MAIN Mission.
    Nationalism propaganda Revived,
    Latent End gambit FREEDOM deprived.
    TOTAL Co Operation current COVID SWINDLE Stunt,
    Multi State NWO representative Front.
    Questioning GOD Science is a Taboo HERESY,
    What you need is Martial submissive Therapy.
    Catalyst by System reactive Hate,
    Same Reactive WANT, IS Government Masturbate.
    Hard to have ANY SYSTEM respect,
    For SAME, promoting ALL Forms of Neglect.
    End Gambit is TOTAL Control from the CABAL CAD,
    Reality, Elite ARE DEFINITIVELY MAD!
    Like ALL Swindles Controllers Fact,
    & so in Conclusion,
    ALL Harlots of MS & Social Media – Smoke & Illusion.
    SHEEP Mainlining on Fear,

    Disclaimers; Apologies for References to Entities of Species Snakes/ Dogs, for Association to LOWER life forms; aka; Global Elite/ CADS & other Government references. Sincere apologies!

    Wellness to US!

  2. A good look at “9/11” twenty years on, and how busy the globalist-parasites have been since, evidenced by the current plight of the world. Plenty of profound content in John Dawe’s comment above, also.
    In addition, Laurent Guyenot’s book about the Deep State: JFK to 9/11 provides a very readable summary of the cabal’s activities in the US

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