December 8, 2022

8 thoughts on “Discussion: Melbourne becomes occupied territory

  1. You have two ears for a reason, pay attention, listen carefully. “Take them to corporate processing” aka SERCO re-education facilities as I have mentioned in previous comments.
    Don’t expect interviews at any stage with those dissidents arrested for re-education, beware of fake interviews, which are entertaining at best. Independent media on the ground are being manipulated/steered by professional actors/intelligence operatives.

    1. Re: MSM Fake vaxx numbers hahaha I can’t confirm the numbers but can talk about locals. I live in rural Qld the numbers of vaxxed in the closest 2 town populations of a thousand odd people are sitting at 90% quaxxed adults….that comes direct from the mouth of Drs, Nurses and those getting vaxxed. Not good.

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