Discussion: Melbourne becomes occupied territory

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On the Season 3 Finale of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan Nash from TOTT News joins General Maddox and Andy Somes from Real News Australia to discuss the most important week in recent Australian history.

This includes taking a look at the NWO takeover of Melbourne, a recap of unbelievable scenes witnessed at freedom protests, suspension of human rights by the state, the UN and Strong Cities Network connection, The Blackout Conspiracy, online spying and more.




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Timeline of events over the last 7 days:

Victorian Construction Workers – No Jab, No Job
16 September 2021

Clown World Melbourne.. More Madness
17 September 2021

Australia Marches for Freedom – September 2021
18 September 2021

Melbourne freedom protest: What the TV didn’t show you
18 September 2021

Construction protest erupts as CFMEU Victoria turns back on members
20 September 2021

‘We built this city!’: Pro-choice tradies bring Melbourne to a standstill
21 September 2021

Melbourne’s Siege at the Shrine: As it happened
22 September 2021

Counter-terrorism officers pounce on tradie in Melbourne
22 September 2021

Melbourne Protesters are a Disgrace to Freedom! | Satire
22 September 2021

Blackout Conspiracy: What happened in Melbourne today? | Opinion
23 September 2021

Police stalk and arrest protesters in Northcote
24 September 2021

Riot squad demand papers and scream at traffic in Northcote
24 September 2021

Protesters forced to St. Kilda beach, before arrests take place
25 September 2021

MUST SEE: Cultures UNITE for freedom at Gold Coast rally
25 September 2021

Australians march against medical coercion | MMAMV
25 September 2021

Other items to be read:

Strong Cities Network – Victoria

SCN – Global Summit 2018 in Melbourne

Has Australia’s State of Victoria Sold Out to the Soros-Backed Strong Cities Network (SCN) with PRIVATISED POLICE?

New Bill to Allow Foreign Forces and Troops to be Used on Australian Soil

The UN takeover of Australian society

COVID 19(84): Birth of a Brave New World

Australia’s Place in the New World Order | Part I

Contact tracing “in the new world order” to be planned

John Setka, the man who left his union a smouldering ruin


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8 comments on “Discussion: Melbourne becomes occupied territory”

  1. You have two ears for a reason, pay attention, listen carefully. “Take them to corporate processing” aka SERCO re-education facilities as I have mentioned in previous comments.
    Don’t expect interviews at any stage with those dissidents arrested for re-education, beware of fake interviews, which are entertaining at best. Independent media on the ground are being manipulated/steered by professional actors/intelligence operatives.

    1. Re: MSM Fake vaxx numbers hahaha I can’t confirm the numbers but can talk about locals. I live in rural Qld the numbers of vaxxed in the closest 2 town populations of a thousand odd people are sitting at 90% quaxxed adults….that comes direct from the mouth of Drs, Nurses and those getting vaxxed. Not good.

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