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Arrests continue at freedom protests in #OccupiedMelbourne

Police continue to swoop in quickly on any protesters in Melbourne, with more freedom campaigners met with a massive force across the city.

Blackout Aftermath: Melbourne campaigners infiltrated, hunted and censored

Melbourne emerged from an unprecedented blackout across the city to find the movement had been seriously damaged by counter-intelligence operations.

We take a look inside Day 5 and Day 6 of Melbourne’s attempted freedom protests – events that would confirm some of the worst suspicions of infiltration suggested earlier in the week.


Healthcare workers stage silent protest in Fitzroy, moved on by police

Nurses have joined Melbourne’s continued scenes of protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, as deadlines looms for the healthcare industry.

A few dozen health workers gathered in Fitzroy Gardens in a silent gathering, saying they are being forced to choose between the jab and their jobs.