MUST SEE: Cultures UNITE for freedom at Gold Coast rally

Despite continued establishment propaganda, members from a VARIETY of cultures oppose the current COVID dystopia in Australia.

Powerful scenes were witnessed on the Gold Coast today, as part of freedom rallies, which saw indigenous and islander communities take the stage.

Australian, Indigenous, Islanders – together.

Roughly 2,500 individuals gathered at Broadbeach today for the principles of freedom and medical choice, with an additional focus on solidarity with those trapped in Sydney and Victoria.

Protesters gathered for a number of speeches and some music, before marching through the local business district to take their messages to the street.

This was a particuarly important day with some very powerful messages.

TOTT News brings you footage from the Front Line.


The events today were put together, in large part, with the help of the Destiny Church group on the Gold Coast, with MMAMVA organisers, who provided the crowd with some fantastic entertainment for the morning:

The flyer tells you everything you need to know about what this group is fight for: Freedom to choose, freedom to speak, freedom to work and freedom to be human.

Attendees were treated to a positive day filled with rich culture and strong belief systems – a stark contrast to what the establishment would have you believe about this movement.

The mainstream media continue to broadcast the message that freedom campaigners in Australia are made up of ‘right-wing, Nazi’ ideologies – once again displaying their disregard for the truth.

Scenes on the Gold Coast today were the complete opposite, and in fact were so inspiring, their efforts are worth a single article on their own. The group treated the group to a traditional war dance.

War Cry
via Destiny Church.

Tu Tangata means to STAND & today we did not just for us but our future and the generations to come!”

This was joined by musical performances, while the crowd danced, picnicked and connected.

A stark contrast to current scenes unfolding in occupied Sydney and Melbourne.

The group didn’t forget about these locations, and called for more engagement than ever.

A sign reads ‘We are with you Vic and Syd’ as The Last Post was played in honour of the Australians who fought and died for the freedoms the crowd stands for:

The Last Post

One speaker reinforces the notion that the group are fighting for ANZAC values. Let’s not forget soldiers from every culture at the rally served under this banner.

A man waves the Australian flag high.

A short break for some music entertainment..

Before marching, the crowd was treated to an important speech from the indigenous community, who said a prayer and called the elders and spirits to guide Australia through these troubling times.

A Call to the Elders

“Do this for your children!”, the speaker proclaims at the end, to the roar of the crowd.

Here is a shot of the group from the back as the speech is being delivered:

Scenes like this continue to dispel the fabricated media narratives about protesters.


The sizable group gathered at Kurrawa Park at midday, before heading through the local district chanting ‘my body, my choice’, ‘freedom’ and other chants.

Men, women and children of all ages and ethnicities gathered as one unit, as impending vaccine apartheid plans continue ahead and the border remains closed.

A unique way to get the message across.

After the distressing scenes witnessed in Australia this week, some positivity is a great thing.

Share this piece with everyone who MUST see this country united as one.

Stay tuned from coverage from other free states, including Sunshine Coast, Adelaide and more.

As well as an update on what’s happening in Melbourne.

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9 comments on “MUST SEE: Cultures UNITE for freedom at Gold Coast rally”

  1. Good gathering at Broadbeach. Love that haka. I can’t imagine people like this getting quaxxed anytime soon!

  2. So good to learn of this uniting against the threat to all of us! …also a great sounding rendition of ‘stand up for your rights’.

  3. I’ve been so mad and sad at the msm coverage of all this. Thank you for covering this truthfully. Looks like it was a beautiful positive day. ❤️

  4. Fantastic, to see “ALL” Australia,s “Beautiful People” Standing up ! For FREEDOM< NOW, When, WHEN, Are the ABORIGINIS, going to get onboard for FREEDOM ?

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