December 7, 2023

1 thought on “Discussion: Endless propaganda, total control, alternative communities

  1. Another thought-provoking pod gentlemen. Just a few of the memorable quotes:
    “The most important thing in your life is your health and fitness’ (Andy)
    “4000 Qld health workers told not to turn up…don’t get sick, fellas”. (General). It was supposedly only 400 here in SA…possibly a reflection of a much healthier activist core in Qld: “Qld has such a rich activist base” (Ethan)
    “The whole corrupt system is now exposed, the gloves are off. This is what Covid has given us: exposure. The devil is out of the dark room and is now standing right in front of us”. (Andy)
    Being positive: “Seen a lot more unmasked people lately” (General). Does this mean I will notice a difference when my wife and I return to Brisbane next week? (for another 2-3 week stay to prepare a house for our younger daughter/fiance, who are escaping the PR Danistan…in the nick of time given the latest imminent world-leading draconian legislation) Last time I was up (mid-Sept) I was dismayed at the level of compliance (in terms of mask wearing and signing-in) in the Greenslopes/Stones Corner area…it was worse than Adelaide.
    “JLB calculated that the Aust govt has bought enough “vaccines” to provide 6 boosters for every Australian”. (Ethan). Surely enough to wipe out the entire population.
    “Taking that shot is like taking your money out of the bank and putting it on the slowest horse in the race”. (Andy)
    “If you step outside of their control system, they lose power over you. It is time to take our ball and play elsewhere”. (Ethan)
    The election is already rigged, because of the preferential voting system…and beware of us being banned from voting for being unmasked/unquaxxed/etc”. (General).
    Well done again, chaps.

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