December 6, 2023

9 thoughts on “Herd mentality is the seed of totalitarian societies

  1. EQUILIBRIUM! @ A Society near You! Gramaton Clerics have already been at Play in Victoria,! Dan Andrews, stars as ‘Father!’

  2. Fed up to the back teeth with the moronic sheeple. I’m probably even more angry and disgusted at them than I am at the evil perps (the globalist-parasites) and their key quislings. Need another run up/down Mt Lofty: only by putting myself in a world of physical pain that excludes all else can I escape this anger and disgust. Sad, isn’t it? That “Academy of Ideas” short video on the evolution of mass psychosis is a beauty. HD Thoreau: “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves”. That means there is/are an awful lot of potential/already there slaves in this country…all those stupid fools dutifully wearing their face nappies and signing-in wherever they go…not to mention their probable double-quaxxed status.

    1. I feel exactly the same way Graham. It really is depressing and frustrating to be a critical thinking ‘individual’ among the brainwashed conformist sheep. If the masses don’t snap out of this psychosis I feel there’s no hope for the future of human-kind. If the human psyche doesn’t ascend past this mental human condition, then maybe we’re destined to repeat the cycles of past advanced civilisations and keep self-destructing. Advance, self-destruct and repeat.

    2. It IS true! Sheep! NO longer amazed @ THE Flock, who are Programmed to ask ME, about my Information Sources, but NOT MS & The main Social M Platforms! THEY, refer to The Same Media Cabals Code of Conduct Operations, & I remind them of The Governments & Banking Sectors CoC having ‘Worked SOOO Well’, in keeping THE Banking System ‘Operating with Honesty/Integrity & Truthfulness’! Let’s see, Fraud/Counterfeiting/Profits of Crime/Money Laundering/ Financing Terrorists. And a Full Royal Commission Later = ZIP! I explain to THEM, SO, THIS is what a Code of Conduct Means. MY Mistake! THE Same Flock, ‘Defend’ the Propaganda Cabal on THEIR ‘Data’, reciting the Same with Glee, But without ‘Checking Accuracy’, “But THEY’VE [MS & Soc Media] got a Code of Conduct! They remind us every other Minute on T.V. & Radio!” Bleat the Sheep. “And I, used AAP Fact checker, just to make sure it’s ‘True!’ Look! They’ve even given a Big Green Tick to themselves [Psychological WANK], to ‘PROVE’ the Narrative is ‘True’!”
      “ER, Sheep Features, you DO Know that the ‘Cabal’ is ALL owned or Controlled by the Same FEW don’t You?”
      “NAH! I saw it on the News! THEY’VE got a Code of Conduct! THEY’VE Got a Green Tick!”
      [Ah for Gods Sake! – WHAT!]
      ‘AND The Sheeple of Australia go Bleat Bleat Bleat,
      Screwed over since the First Fleet Fleet Fleet.
      Belief in Govt/ Corporates disguised as Little Bo Peep,Peep,Peep,
      Lockdowns together the Flock to Keep Keep Keep.
      Huddled together on Hoof Hoof Hoof,
      Promise we’ll let you ‘Free’ on Vaxxed Proof Proof Proof.
      What Don’t YOU trust us on Truth Truth Truth,
      Bang that Mask back on OUTSIDE even when there’s NO Roof Roof Roof.
      God Damn that sheep turned into a Truth Rooster Rooster Rooster,
      Grab Him, Muzzle Him before the rest Stir Stir Stir.
      Nothing to see Here Here Here,
      Those Awake Sheep are Queer Queer Queer.
      Get your QR phone App App App,
      Cranial Process is having a Nap Nap Nap.
      Alternately make your Mark Mark Mark,
      It’s NOT about Trace Tracking this is Stark Stark Stark.
      It’s Safe, It’s healthy & the Right thing to Do Do Do,
      SHIT! We’re running out of Leverage- Speel again ‘Would WE Lie to You You You?
      Last Chance our Best Emotive Leverage Leverage Leverage,
      Think of Gran, Baby & the Program FOOL Coverage Age Age.
      We’ve got ‘Effective’ Vaxx by The Score Score Score,
      SOOO effective, the ‘Boosters’ have been ordered More More More.
      Can YOU Sheep be quiet @ The Back Back Back,
      I’m mesmerized by this Media Hack Hack Hack.
      & if YOU find this Ditty Appealing App ealing App ealing,
      Then be Assured YOU haven’t Prostituted your Sense of Reasoning!
      I thank My Gran for my Education, Encouragement & sense of Individuality, in a Former ‘Healthier World!’ & Her Large Leather bound quietly brooding Encyclopedia Britannica collection!
      I thank The Christian Brothers for Abuses & My Appreciation of the Noir!!

      Per Linda L – The Word. English is a Strange Kettle of fish.
      D in front of Evil = Devil. & Evil reversed = Live & Reversed Devil = Lived.
      &, I don’t even Drink the ‘Tap’ Water!
      Wellness again. – One way or another, a New Genesis of Actual Thought is already Upon US!
      The Sheep can Impress THEMSELVES, maybe even in a Mirror. Self Awareness would have to be in Play Unfortunately/ Fortunately!
      Last; Young Graham, went thru the Gambit of Emotions per The Sheep [Probably Latently still do], but have tried Tempering this with Writing, drawing, Comedy [Don’t leave Home without IT] & Destressing with Music [Maybe Videos in Future, I envision The Vatican Doing ‘Covers’ of Rammstein & Pantera – Perhaps Death Metal [In it’s Many Forms IS appealing to that ‘Institute’]]. & ‘Grounding out’ in a Healthy Body of Water [The Ocean always seems to do it for me! STILL NOT Taxed Yet!]
      SHIT! Instead of a ‘Comment’, the Fools written another Bloody Book!

    1. ‘M’, Weren’t YOU in Bond – 007? Very KOOL info, especially ‘Biggest Scams in History!’ There’s such a Competition Going! Those Homo Sapiens!
      Wellness. Watch out for ‘L’ & ‘N’ – ‘Flankers’.

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