December 7, 2023

12 thoughts on “Feast to Famine: Mass Floods and Australia’s High-Speed Rail

  1. You are 100% correct. Qld gov already said they were doing cloud seeding right before this started. TV weather presenters are also baffled at the lines and what they believe might be chaf. Why chaf ? Because most people cannot comprehend a world where their lives do not matter and are considered surplus and eliminated. They cannot accept the reality that a group of people are taking over the entire world in something that looks like communism but is really capitalism or to be technical.. neo feudalism. Because we have a population of blind believers who are trapped in their own cognitive dissonance.. this will just escalate until Ausralians are broke, homeless, starving, and dying from real disease. This is not new, it has historical precedent. I also suspect they are seeding mould spores because i am now seeing much more black aspergillus type mold than I ever did before, and with this water and humidity.. well lets just say millions may die from mold toxicity in the near future.

    1. Williamtown RAAF/ Feb 2019. Chaff/ Radar Weather Anomolies Sydney. ABC ‘Reported’ same.
      Also,& part of JOHR ‘upgrades’- ‘Testing’?
      Global ‘Interests’ HAVE BEEN purposefully ‘Altering weather’ for Decades. Post Vietnam ‘Police Action’ by Allies of THE Willing Mk # ‘Something’, Weather Manipulation Consensus, brought about U.N. Treaty ENMOD (in ‘Force’ 1978).
      As part of ‘Scope of ENMOD’.
      Quote; Environmental modification Technique. ANY modification for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of Natural Processes – the Dynamics, Composition or Structure of the earth, including it’s biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere & atmosphere, or of outer space (article 2).
      Article1 sets fore ward the basic commitment; “Each State Party to this Convention undertakes Not to engage in Military or ANY other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long- lasting or severe effects as a means of destruction, damage or injury to any other State Party.” An understanding defines the terms ‘widespread, long-lasting or severe.”(known as the ‘Troika’)
      “widespread” is defined “encompassing an area on the scale of Several hundred kilometers.” ; “long-lasting” is defined as “long- lasting for a period of months, or approximately a season.”
      “severe’ is defined as “involving serious or significant disruption or harm to human life, natural and economic resources or other assets.”
      Further expansions can be found on this convention , perhaps via ‘Alternate’ S Media platforms.
      1st State to ‘Deposit’ Treaty – Nth Yemen 1977 – Ironic, Considering the ‘Genocide’ there currently by Saudi/ U.S- U.K. backed ‘Assets’ – NO, U.N. ‘Special Crisis Meetings as for Ukraine then?’
      Back; Signees; Australia 7/Sept/1984. N.Z.; Same Date. United States of A; 17/Jan/1980. U.K.; 16/May/1978. ‘Interesting’ to see the ‘Signing dates’ & Lag times for ‘Ratification dates’.
      Also Maybe check ‘Agriculture Defence Coalition’.
      WHO Guards the Guards? Obviously AGAIN, – ZERO! No doubt (Not the Music Group), ‘They’ have had their Lawyers ‘Manipulating’ the Text’, & the ‘Science’, as time has moved On.

  2. Were the years of drought before the bushfires to encourage the farmers to leave the land? Nothing like going broke and seeing your life’s efforts to develop a farm existence just turn to dust to let go and accept foreclosure and bankrupcy. More rail land perhaps.

  3. This is a fantastic explanation of the agenda 2030 , a definite wake up call for us all. Thankyou for posting , also scarey at the same time.

  4. Chemtrailing the shit around Bright Vic. Been lots of HAARP signature cloud formations.
    Surely something evil comes this way!

    1. ‘EVIL’! You can’t talk about THE Local Saviour ‘Dapper DAN’ – ‘Superior HOLDing’ Pomade!
      AND, HIS Glory shall come via a Parade of Angels & Accompaniment of HAARPS & the ‘Rush’ of Air!!

      AS an aside, I here Dapper DAN has, or is in the Process of, installing a Wind Farm in Victoria!
      YES! A ‘Win/ Wind’ for ALL those purposefully Sacrificed Local Businesses! Who now can look forward to ‘ALL INFRASTRUCTURES Manufacturing & Installation & Maintenance’ of Said ‘Technologies’, WITHOUT ‘POLUTANTS’, @ ANY PHASE!! I just LOOV technology! Sir, please look the other Way, until WE’RE ‘Ready’!
      With His previous genuine public concerns (CON JOB 19 WEF Portfolio) & Dominant civil Economic guidance of TotalitarianOfficialTargetedAuthorisedLogistics FlatulenceLiaisonOratoryProgram,(Economic TOTAL FLOP), underpinning ‘Successful Operations’ in that State, & having had ‘Cranial Reduction’ Surgery, Dapper Dan, will be ‘Powering’ The Windfarm, Code Named ‘GLOB SWINDLE 2030’, By Himself!! Choir assisting!

      1. If you flip a Coin for Random Çhance’, Labor Party Australia (OR State)1 side, Liberal Party Australia (OR State) the other, no Matter THE ‘Result’, IT IS, STILL the SAME Coin!
        AND, for Non thinkers, Historic ‘Temporary Measures’, aKa; Income Tax, Passports, Etc., in Time> ALL become ‘Permanent Measures’!

  5. While the eastern states are flooding we in the west are in drought mode. Mainly the south west of WA. No decent rain for five months. Here where I live it has been less than 10mm over this time. I am on and acre and have fruit trees dying from lack of rain. Going to move elsewhere more suited to being self sufficient. I wonder if they have plans for WA?

    1. Get a good pair of wading boots and clear all water channels for runoff. Food, drinking water and means of cooking for power outages – you may be next to get a ‘little’ wet.

  6. Got around to watching your excellent video at last, Ethan…more outstanding research and deduction on the CLARA zone and Agenda 2030. It begs the question: If the quax rollout with its endless boosters continues, who will be left alive in Ozcatraz in 2030? Will it just be unquaxxed “elites” and low-wage imports? And imagine what you will need on your app in order to board the high-speed train if you are a pleb/Epsilon: fully quaxxed, unblemished spending and eating record, zero criminal thought activity (mind-mapping will ensure that), etc. At least the hardy free-thinkers of The Northern Rivers (who will survive the onslaught of the govt and thrive untrammelled by the toxic digital grid and pHARMa quaxxes and drugs…they’ll just have their own pot and alcohol) will catch a glimpse of the HST as it careers through their region full of NWO slaves on a digital plantation.

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