The End of Private Vehicle Ownership

The tech elite are attempting to transform the automobile from a symbol of freedom into yet another node in their surveillance system, Ethan Nash argues.

Australia on Fire: The Beginning of Agenda 2030

A state of emergency declared, military on the ground, displacement of regional communities and calls for national reviews of land management across the country.

2019: A Year in Review | TOTT News

Take the time to reflect on some of the best content on our website throughout 2019.


Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy?

Links between bushfires and high-speed rail proposals exposed.

Revealed: 5G tower locations across Australia | Exclusive

5G locations obtained from AMTA data and confirmed with RFNSA.

Australia is building ‘smart city’ infrastructure

New mechanisms are being developed to monitor society.

Supermarkets begin switch to automated workforces

Coles and Woolworths have announced new "electronic workforces".

The Australian companies manipulating our weather

Over five decades of weather manipulation in Australia.

Fall of Australia: An overview of ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation

An in-depth look at all three draconian laws.

Latest Posts:

The Black Pill: Beyond The Matrix

In pursuit of truth, we become exposed to unrealistic depictions of how the ‘outside’ or ‘real’ world works. This is underpinned by fundamental beliefs in deceptive grand narratives that shape our reality.

In the following, we examine the framework of the lie system, the red vs blue pill conundrum, challenging our understandings of the world, the role of metanarratives and a look at inconvenient truths.

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CLARA’s High-Speed Rail: The Full Story

It is a bold vision: Eight new smart cities to be developed across the east coast of regional Australia, all connected by a state-of-the-art high-speed rail network.

In the following, we explore the full story of CLARA’s high-speed rail plans in Australia, including initial proposals and government submissions, The CLARA Plan, the ‘bushfire accelerator’, smart city conspiracy and deeper questions behind the narrative.

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Polyergus of the Brave New World

Parasitism is a pervasive phenomenon in which a parasite gains control over the life of a targeted host. This is carried out by virtually all species on earth.

Forget ‘the elite’ or ‘the globalists’, it’s time to coin a new definition for the individuals and groups that control the structure of this world: Polyergus!

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Discussion: Examining news cycle propaganda

The ‘Coronavirus’ saga continues to make headlines with new developments, Big Pharma deceptions have been exposed by a prominent medial journal and cannabis has been decriminalised in the ACT.

However, what is the larger picture behind each of these stories? What lies under the surface?

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TOTT Update: Full Steam Ahead

Development is the lifeblood of many publishers, and as genuine journalism continues to push through an era of uncertain territory, adding new elements of value to existing forms of content is essential.

In the following, we update both the public audience and users of TOTT News on an array of new benefits and features set to be added moving forward in 2020.

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Top medical journal takes on Big Pharma

A leading medical journal has launched a campaign to separate medicine from Big Pharma, linking industry influence to scandals affecting thousands of patients.

The British Medical Journal says doctors are being unduly influenced by industry-sponsored education events and industry-funded trials for major drugs.

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Israel and NSW sign ‘historic’ water agreement

The NSW government has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Israel, allowing the country to “support water management programs, help inform policies and secure the state’s water future”.

The agreement is expected to thrust Israeli ideas and technological innovation to the forefront of efforts to save New South Wales from severe drought, but many critics have raised concerns over the moves.

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Bushfire Aftermath: The Australian Land Grab

Citizens in regional locations of Australia are victims of a systematic and subversive land grab across the east coast, driven by an international agenda for ‘sustainability’ and control.

In the following video, we explore the aftermath of the Australian bushfire saga, including insurance and financial assistance backflips, rebuilding regulations and government buybacks, continued depletion of resources and fears the events will drive the country into recession:

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Australian smart city development progresses

The ‘smart city’ movement in Australia is entering a more actionable phase, with local government and private bodies now actively engaged in pilot projects.

The nation’s largest smart city project, Switching on Darwin, has successfully been completed, while other locations such as Perth are now over six months into controversial facial recognition trials.

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Discussion: Coronavirus, biometrics, CLARA

As concerns continue to mount over the spread of ‘coronavirus’, could we be seeing the same propaganda tactics employed with previous ‘pandemic’ scares?

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan Nash from TOTT News joins General Maddox and Andy Somes from Real News Australia to discuss deeper questions behind the coronavirus, vaccines and pandemics, bushfire bombshells and more.

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