Different species of humans? | FFT

The Mind Virus saga has highlighted one important fact: Most human beings are incapable of critical thought, react to basic emotional stimuli and can't comprehend observable reality.

As the NPC mentality of the masses becomes more prevalent in times of crisis, could there be an alternative reason as to why this actually exists?


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Science fiction visions are becoming dystopic realities

After a year when governments themselves became the biggest threat to a population’s well-being, it also became clear it was the ‘crazies’ who were making more and more sense.

What was science fiction only a year ago has now been accepted as reality by Australia’s compliant, poorly-educated populations, explores A Sense of Place Magazine.


‘Vaccine Apartheid’: Immunity passports to hit numerous countries

The introduction of vaccines passports has arrived and could cause a divide between many social classes that leads to a worldwide system of “vaccine apartheid”, an expert has warned.

Despite this, governments and airlines across the world are beginning to finalise immunity passport schemes, which many expect to become widespread in the next few months.