Facial recognition legislation under review

The government is pushing ahead with plans for a national facial recognition database.

Supermarkets begin switch to automated workforces

Coles and Woolworths have announced new "electronic workforces".

Australia’s move towards a cashless society

New reports reveal the shift to a digital economy is accelerating.


New South Wales region set for RoundUp spraying

The campaign is part of "effective weed management" in the region.

Revealed: 5G tower locations across Australia | Exclusive

5G locations obtained from AMTA data and confirmed with RFNSA.

Fall of Australia: An overview of ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation

An in-depth look at all three draconian laws.

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What is the future of AR and VR? | FFT

Mixed reality devices, such as ‘virtual reality’ and ‘augmented reality’ systems, are perpetually on the brink of mainstream adoption with the evolution of advancing technologies.

In the following Food For Thought discussion, we examine the future of these emerging concepts and explore the effects these new gadgets will have on the future of the humanity experience.

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Why Australia needs an AI strategy

As science fiction starts to become reality, AI products are slowly infiltrating homes and workplaces, raising concerns about the potential detrimental effects on the job market and the future of humanity.

In the following, Ralf Llanasas explores AI-driven policies around the world and comments on the desperate need for Australia to implement similar strategies.

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Government wants access to Facebook messages

Australian officials are pressing Facebook to give authorities access to read encrypted messages.

Police agencies claim reading selected encrypted messages is similar to wiretaps for phone calls, however, security experts say allowing such access makes messaging insecure for everyone.

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TPG abandons 5G over public concerns

A senior TPG executive has claimed the company scrapped plans for a 5G network following “community pressure” over the health impacts of wireless technology.

Chief Operating Executive Craig Levy has told the Federal Court the company had become nervous about community concerns over its ‘small cell’ network rollout.

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UN calls for overhaul of world trade system

The United Nations has called for an international “green deal” and overhaul of the world’s financial order to ­tackle ‘climate change’ and deliver on the Agenda 2030 plan.

New measures are needed to raise and distribute $2.5 trillion a year to developing countries, says a new UN report, released alongside this week’s climate meeting.

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Cash ban delayed after public backlash

Legislation that would have outlawed cash payments for goods and services exceeding $10,000 has been set aside and referred to a committee until February 2020.

Following a influx of public submissions, the setback of the bill has been described as a “notable victory”, while concerns still remain surrounding the details of the proposed legislative changes.

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Inquiry launched into 5G in Australia

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts has commenced a parliament-first inquiry into 5G network technology.

The announcement follows months of public outcry from concerned citizens and community action groups over the rollout of 5G in Australia.

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Member Circle: Transformation | September 2019

The thoughts and actions of the masses are being stored by advanced technologies and used as a tool to re-engineer humanity towards a transhumanist era.

On the latest Member Circle Podcast, Ethan and Ramola D discuss a number of important topics, including the rise of technology, EMF weapons and 5G, smart cities and militarised science, VR/AR and much more.

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Concerns raised over national facial recognition

Plans to pass legislation permitting the use of national face-identity matching services has come under criticism by some of Australia’s largest privacy groups.

Civil liberty advocates, including Digital Rights Watch and others, have spoken out against plans to monitor all citizens via advanced biometric CCTV capabilities.

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How Google is controlling your reality

Google, in their monopolisation of information, have created a socially toxic vacuum at the heart of democracy from which users are ripe for top-down surveillance, manipulation and control.

A digital realm is being developed alongside reality, leading to the rise of a centralized surveillance grid that imposes a false order and illusory happiness in the name of a ‘justice’ and ‘security’.

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