Policy-making consolidated as COAG replaced

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) will be scrapped and replaced by “a completely new system” led by the COVID-19 National Cabinet, Scott Morrison has announced.

The move will not only consolidate further power to centralised channels, but it will also sideline local government and working groups from influencing national decision-making.



Member Circle: The Great Split | May 2020

As the mainstream media continues to engineer the sleeping masses against critical thinkers with negative coverage, a clear intellectual divide is sweeping society. One between those who will stand for freedom and those who will participate in its erosion.

For the latter, we know the Brave New World and Epsilon Agenda will soon find them sleepwalking into the abyss. However, what is the future for those who refuse to enter the new Matrix?


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Australians rally against lockdowns, vaccines

Thousands of protesters have rallied across Australia today to object ongoing COVID-19 measures, including pushes for mandatory vaccination.

The following is highlights from major rallies. Further content will be added to this list.