Facial recognition set for Sydney transport network

The New South Wales government has revealed plans to introduce new biometric systems.

Australia is building ‘smart city’ infrastructure

The Australian government is initiating a new plan to “transform our cities and regional locations”.

Australia’s move towards a cashless society

New reports reveal the shift to a digital economy is accelerating.


New South Wales region set for RoundUp spraying

The campaign is part of "effective weed management" in the region.

Revealed: 5G tower locations across Australia | Exclusive

5G locations obtained from AMTA data and confirmed with RFNSA.

Fall of Australia: An overview of ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation

An in-depth look at all three draconian laws.

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Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy?

The Agenda 2030 plan advocates for the implementation of radical changes to the central role of ownership rights of land and natural resources over the next decade.

In the following, we explore the Australian bushfire ‘crisis’, including the course of events, weather and geoengineering, CLARA’s high-speed train network proposal and links to the UN-driven smart city agenda.

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Discussion: Agenda 2030, climate, China

Australia and many other developed nations across the world are experiencing extreme conditions due to the intentional destabilisation of the natural world by increasing geoengineering programs.

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan Nash from TOTT News and General Maddox and Andy from Real News Australia discuss the ongoing climate ‘crisis’ across Australia, China’s influence in society, parliamentary corruption and more.

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Heading Down the Yellow Brick Road

The process of awakening can be painfully emotional, because we shed away much of the constructs, beliefs and patterns that we had surrounded ourselves with and accumulated over the course of many experiences.

Humans go through life with many false notions of the world and of themselves. They build up masks and believe the facades. It’s all a charade. It is all based upon illusions and deceit.

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Senate dismisses 95% of cash ban submissions

A new inquiry into controversial legislation to ban cash transactions exceeding $10,000 has been met with yet another wave of public concern through submissions.

The Economics Legislation Committee have subsequently alerted submitters that only 130 of 2,600 submissions — 5% of the total — will be published when the inquiry hands down their findings in February.

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Member Circle: Glass Ceiling | Nov 2019

How much of what we see on the television screens is actually real? How many narratives peddled by the establishment can be exposed as fabricated after being examined with objectivist logic?

On the latest Member Circle Podcast, Ethan and Jordan recap the latest membership piece and also offer an objective analysis of fakery in current news cycles, including the recent Code War event, Big Brother PR Hoax and the ongoing Australian bush fires.

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Rebirth: Critical Thinking and Understanding

It takes courage and self-honesty to walk the road to truth and freedom, and weakened by an onslaught of programming since childhood, many are unable to discern objective reality from manufactured fables.

In the following membership piece, we take a look at all aspects of the process of awakening, including the flow of information, steps to enlightenment, simulated reality, critical thinking skills and an in-depth look at applying objectivist logic to the Fossil Fuel/Dinosaur Hoax.

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Unis developing surveillance technology for China

An investigation has uncovered extensive collaborations between Australian universities and Chinese entities involved in Beijing’s increasing surveillance apparatus across the world.

The University of Technology Sydney, Curtin University and University of New South Wales have been named in an explosive report on the development of technologies used for human rights abuses in China.

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Discussion: Empowerment, cash ban, gender theory

An individual who eagerly faces reality, while striving to make their own life the highest moral purpose, will demand the freedom to think and pursue happiness.

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan Nash from TOTT News and General Maddox from Real News Australia discuss top stories during the season hiatus and stepping outside of the victimhood mentality in pursuit of truth.

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The Social Engineering of Australia

The rise of cultural marxism during the era of ‘counter-culture’ sought to apply critical theory to matters of family composition, gender, race and cultural identity within Western society, giving birth to various movements that seek to re-define objective reality.

In the following video, we explore various programs introduced by the cultural marxist lobby in schools across Australian society.

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Digital licences introduced in New South Wales

A new digital driver’s licence is now legal for use across New South Wales following trials of the technology in parts of the region.

The move now makes NSW one of the few places in the world where citizens are able to choose to have a licence issued in digital format and have it displayed on their smartphones.

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