Weaponised Skies: Chemically-Enhanced Military Jet Trails Disrupt Signals

In the mid-1990s, many Western countries began to notice unusual, persistent and spreading condensation trails generated by high-altitude jets.

By the late-2000s, the phenomenon was observed by millions of people and became known colloquially as “chemtrails”, with many people believing that a significant percentage of each trail consists of deliberately-released chemicals.



The Great Split: Part of the plan? | FFT

As an era of mass vaccine coercion soon begins to sweep the planet, growing numbers are expected to become disenfranchised and turn away from the system.

The Great Split concept may soon become a reality, with informed individuals predicted to forge new paths in the wake of increasing targeted restrictions.


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Queensland launches first phase of ‘smart ticketing system’

Queensland has switched on a new ‘smart ticketing system’ that lets commuters pay for trips on the network using their smartphones, debit/credit cards and smart watches.

Part of $371 million project, this is the first phase of a plan that will eventually see citizens access public transport via facial and vein biometric recognition methods.