Corona and the Mark of the Beast: Are we witnessing prophecy?

Medical authoritarianism by unelected bureaucrats and the targeting of dissent by international cyber-monitors has reached unprecedented heights during the COVID-19 saga.

The path from here seems to grow clearer with each passing day, as the prophecies of The Book of Revelation and the ‘Mark of the Beast’ leap off the page as never before.

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The world has changed significantly in just a few decades, with many now justifiably concerned about the prophetic Mark of the Beast tale. Speculations and theories have arisen regarding it.

What exactly is the ‘Mark of the Beast’? When will it come into existence?

Millions now recognise distinct similarities between the emerging Brave New World Order system and the story of the ‘mark’ contained in Revelation — whether one is a Christian or not.

The famous passage reads: 

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” 

(Revelation 13:16-17).

Conspiracy culture has been very familiar with this concept for a number of years now. 

In the 1990s, many suggested that the Mark of the Beast would be some sort of personal identification number, required by the government to buy or sell, or even function in society.

Then, everything changed in 2001. The so-called ‘War on Terror’ following the events of September 11th lead to body scanners at airports and other indignities, including intrusive spy agencies tracking your cell phone to learn and document your whereabouts and associates.

In recent years, things have heated up. Advancements in technologies add further weight to speculations. New innovations such as an RFID chip, implanted in the hand, or a barcode that is tattooed into the skin, are becoming ever more possible.

In the consumer world, biometric identification is growing popular as a required method of conducting business, while some say the ‘mark’ could be our smart technology devices. Things like phones and laptops, which already track us and have the ability to allow and forbid certain activities.

Indeed, the not-so-distant past seems like a completely different world now.

New Dawn and other publications, such as TOTT News, have been at the forefront for many years warning of these emerging transhumanist systems and the complex philosophies driving them.

Now, with the great transformation that is being caused by the COVID ‘pandemic’, oppressive government actions bare striking resemblance to the power-grabbing tactics of the Antichrist.

A dehumanizing form of new-age authoritarianism now merges with the technologies slowly introduced.


As the world continues to navigate these waters, the prophecies of Revelation continue to leap off the page, and the meanings that can be drawn from this great piece of work are significant. Whether you ‘believe’ in the Bible or not, it can still be used as guide to map out the path that may lie ahead.

The ruling class of our day speak and write about their plans for transhumanism and The Great Reset, which sound remarkably similar to what Revelation predicts for the future during Tribulation.

John the Revelator tells of a pervasive, satanic-initiated system, that will control the economies and commerce of large sectors of the world during the Great Tribulation (Rev. 13:16-17).

For years, we have witnessed a systematic eugenics agenda be carried out, spanning generations.

Those at the head of this agenda are in touch with these concepts, aiming to play God and replace a prosperous humanity with a subservient class of pharmacologically-induced slaves. Much like Aldous Huxley described in his classic, Brave New World. The ‘Epsilon’ class, as they are identified.

Now, the current COVID-19 crisis, subsequent economic lockdowns and soon-to-be mandated vaccines across the world, are all part of this final eschatological sequence.

The clear message given throughout this imposed pandemic has been: ‘obey government, avoid punishment’. This is the very foundation on which the Antichrist builds an empire in Revelation.

Lockdowns and mask mandates were the first acts of forced corona-compliance. The mask is an historical symbol of submission. It is all about submission. Coercive immunisations are the next step in this forced submission, to be accompanied by a type of national, or international ID.

Prominent personalities and powerful nations of the world are now introducing ‘vaccine passports’ as a condition for travel and entry to shopping, entertainment venues and other parts of society.

China was actively lobbying the discredited World Health Organization (WHO) to develop COVID vaccine passports for all nations. The communist, hyper-authoritarian nation, was the perfect experiment, designed for a new-age caste system to adapt its dehumanizing social credit ideology.

The introduction of ‘COVID Safe’ guidelines and QR code systems expand these controlling apparatuses to new heights. This hyper-surveilled process will likely remain indefinitely beyond track-and-trace, morphing to include those who demonstrate an array of ‘bad behaviours’.

A medical apartheid that strips the unvaccinated of privileges granted to those who have submitted.

Meanwhile, politicians are already admitting that there will be more viruses and more vaccinations.

‘The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous’, as Winston discovers in George Orwell’s classic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

These are all steps toward conditioning people to willfully accept whatever the government requires.

If you unquestionably accepted lockdowns and mask mandates, you most likely will accept the forced vaccinations. A coercive game that removes the human as a sovereign, living entity.

All eerily similar to the messages found in Revelation.

During this time of Tribulation, Jesus warned to look out for ‘birthing pains’ and signs of the end.

Could a deeper analysis help confirm suspicions about these coming systems?


Beyond the surface-level introduction of technologies, we can find a number of signs that could also indicate we may be living through an era of estalogical proportions.

A great apocalypse, per say. 

Contrary to popular belief, an apocalypse isn’t necessarily filled with fire and brimstone. Apocalypse is derived from the Greek word, apokalypsis, which literally means ‘unveiling’.

The veil is being lifted and a grand illusion is coming to the surface. Through this, we have seen the true nature of those around us, manifest into ritualistic COVID compliance. We have also seen where the enemies of humanity lie with their bold moves of techno-fascist activity. It is no longer hidden.

Knowing these things, what else is being revealed to us during this great time?

How can we use synchromysticism and occult study to see the deeper Corona codes?

What can we learn from the messages contained in Revelation itself?

Is there more than one ‘mark’?

What is the future for the righteous moving forward? How can we navigate the storm?


This feature piece continues to cover:

3/11 and The Book of Revelation, Occult COVID symbology, the true meaning of the ‘marks’, The Victory of the Lamb, navigating the storm and more!
Ethan Nash from TOTT News has published this feature in the latest Special Edition of New Dawn Magazine — available in newsagents across Australia or directly online by clicking below:

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10 comments on “Corona and the Mark of the Beast: Are we witnessing prophecy?”

  1. Excellently written!! More and more people are innately recognising this is seriously crazy stuff unfolding. I have heard people say that this is the ‘endtimes’. We really need to draw nearer to our Creator as what He says will surely unfold. Rick Joyner said that in the endtimes persecution, some cities will be dark and submitted to evil but others will be a beacon of truth and light. Get into a community that is leaning towards truth and preparing for Jesus’s imminent return. Never accept the mark of the beast!! The jab could be used as a vehicle to control who buys and sells, or a trial run maybe. Jesus did seriously warn everyone that there will be lots of deception, so dig deeper guys and always check if it lines up with the Bible. Also the love of many will grow cold. #seekjesus

    1. Thankyou for sharing. We’ve been cold and far from our ceeator for decades and most people haven’t been seeing the signs. I’ve warned people for 45 years, but very few seemed to listen. I was called when I was a teen, because of this Ive been under constant attack my entire life. I’ve met others along my path who’ve said the same. It only made us stronger. He that endures to the end, the same will be saved.

  2. Saw plenty of cowardly submission when I went shopping yesterday evening at Burnside Village (eastern Adelaide). Me and two others were the only barefaced individuals in the whole place…and I checked in nowhere. I recommend the Academy of Ideas’ brilliant video “Mass psychosis – How an entire population becomes mentally ill”.

    “Professor Spurious” and her communist handlers at the Orwellian SA Ministry of Health has just cancelled the Royal Adelaide Show for the second year in a row. Too bad for all those country folk who had been preparing their animals, produce and themselves (eg axemen) for many months. Oh well, all is not lost: although visitors to Wayville Showground won’t be able to see showjumping or tethered cattle or penned sheep, they WILL be able to view muzzled sheeple filing in through the northern gate (the entrance to the State’s largest “covid vaccination clinic”) to submit to government – fake news media – pHARMa-assisted suicide along with insertion of the Mark of the Beast in the form of the quax.

  3. “During this time of Tribulation, Jesus warned to look out for ‘birthing pains’ and signs of the end.”

    Funny about that because the Ultra-Orthodox, Chabad Lubavitch, also claim “birthing pains” for their coming Moshiach.

    Hmm…could a deeper analysis help confirm suspicions about these coming systems?

  4. Very simply stated! However, there are a lot of deceived sheeple out there, including those who sit on pews each sunday morning, listening to the false gospel of cheap grace.
    Yes, I agree, the war has already started – a war for the souls of humanity.
    For those who have never heard the ‘real gospel’ message, the Gospel of the Kingdom’ that Yeshua the Messiah preached, may I suggest the following paper:

    The Truth needs to be preached before it is too late.

  5. If what you are thinking is the Mark of the beast was taken from books and movies on the Rapture Left Behind Tribulation idea then you have been reading fairy tales by the Jesuits.

    If you are going to refer to the Bible then consider the context of the Mark of the beast.

    The central theme of the Bible is the battle for supremecy between God and Satan.

    God rules because He was the one who created everything and also sustains everything 24/7. To commemorate this God blessed and sanctified the 7th day, Saturday.

    Jesus told the Jews that He was the Lord of the Sabbath. Matthew 12:8. So Saturday is the Lord’s Day.

    Satan set aside the first day, Sunday, as his day, the Mark of the Beast.

    The above facts will shortly be presented to the whole world so they can decide who they will serve. This decision is demonstrated by the day they choose to keep.

    Sunday keeping Christians who truly love Jesus will switch to Saturday (including Friday evening).

    All 7th day Sabbath keeping people will then be attacked by the global Sunday keeping coalition led by Satan pretending to be Christ.

    1. Wow… you sound like my parents… am emailing this to them right now… feeling really blessed and assured whilst reading all the comments. Thank you x

    2. I entirely agree with everything you have said here. Very good sypnosis indeed. Let me add a little more to what you have already said, if I may. The 7th day Sabbath has and will always be the Seal of God and as Daniel stated, Satan has, using his earthly emissary, changed time and laws and one the most important laws he changed was the Fourth Commandment.

      Daniel 7:25. He will speak out against the Most High and oppress the saints of the Most High, intending to change the appointed times and laws;

      He always wanted the worship that was due only to God and one way to achieve this has been to create the false Sabbath by making the first day of the week the Sabbath and that is his mark.

      All things are indeed synthesizing towards the Mark of the beast being enforced, originally with fines, then followed by imprisonments then inducements and finally the No Buy No Sell and finally the death decree for 7th day Sabbath Keepers.

      The current “pandemic” is nothing but a vehicle being used to build the infrastructure and the create the situation of “no buy and no sell unless you have the mark of the beast.”

      The whole world will eventually have to make a choice as to which side they stand on and currently choices are being made, positions are being taken even though some would argue otherwise.

      Hard choices are currently being made and accepting the real mark of the beast will seem like the easiest choice to be made compared to other choices made, that lead to accepting the mark of the beast.

      Once we realise that this is not our fight and that salvation is only in Christ, then we fear nothing, come what may, as His intention is to save us from sin and from Eternal death ( Hell/Hades ) but Satan on the other hand wants us to perish so we do not escape Eternal death, just like he won’t.

      We are entering the final stage of the cosmic war between Michael and Lucifer and the earth is the battleground. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  6. @Dene Staples:

    1) Sabbath ܫܒܬܐ = Week. Khadb’shaba ܚܕܒܫܒܐ = Sunday. So it pays off to get acquainted with basic Aramaic (Jesus’ own language!) friend!

    2) The Lord, according to that same Aramaic calendar, was tried & crucified on a Friday = ܥܪܘܒܬܐ then [rose] on the 3rd day [Sunday] as old testament prophets recorded 800-1000yrs earlier.

    I’m sorry to say YOUR “bible” is not THE ܦܫܝܕܬܐ of the 2nd century, but a modern zionist forgery created under the auspices of various judaeophile-Freemasons such as: John Nelson Darby, Joseph Smith, WatchTower Society Inc., Chuck Hagee fan-club, et. al. many of whose followers are still happy lodge lovers & subservient Judeaophiles. Fairy tales such as the ever un-Biblical “144,000 rapture” aswell as the recognition of Rothschild-“Israel” reign supreme in these cults.

    So time to acquaint yourself with the Lord’s dialect, leave those Freemo lodges, and confess the real church my friend… before it’s too late.

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