October 1, 2023

8 thoughts on “Australian states trial biometric quarantine enforcement system

  1. Amazing how the increasingly wobbly ‘vid-one-9 narrative continues as the basis for these measures and I struggle to imagine how smartphone ownership and knowledge of how to use them could be the platform…if I’m ever ‘declared a close contact’ I think my stance will be to say nothing to the contact tracer…then to police: I will only ask for name, badge or ID number, and a copy of the ‘commercial contract’; writing this information and the response to the question down and then becoming completely dumbed down regarding smartphones, not even being able to charge one…just my thoughts and I welcome constructive criticism as I’m here to learn.

  2. I just have an old Nokia, Kelrok, and do not intend to get a “smart” phone. Facial recognition just another brick in the Brave New World Order prison wall.

    1. Good idea Graham, I’ve got a work smartphone that belongs to my employer, but don’t see how the authorities could force me to use that to imprison me at home, I’ll just leave it turned off in the work vehicle…but I do agree that the best policy is to be smartphone free.
      Facial recognition is certainly just another brick (Floyd fan here so appreciate the reference) I’d like to think I’ve avoided that so far, but used to be on F’book and had lots of pic’s up so my facial biometrics have probably already been aquired…

      1. I’ve got an old Nokia Windows phone that is turned off most of the time ever since this plandemic started. I absolutely refuse to use QR check-in and have never worn a mask or social-distanced since this started. I have a diploma in health science and knew from the start that this was a scamdemic led by the ‘elites’ and the corrupt Medical Mafia. Cov1d is the annual flu re-branded to create fear and create totalitarian gov. control over the people for their NWO, and to depopulate the masses through mass vaccinations for easier control over the population.
        If Australian’s and the world doesn’t wake up to these facts we’re doomed to this tyrannous and evil agenda ‘they’ have planed for us.
        I’m starting to lose hope that ‘we the people’ aren’t going to be able to stop this evil because of mass compliance and ignorance.

  3. Just more troubling over reach by governments and more things we have to fight, as if the covid narrative was not enough now they want to know where you are every second of the day. Good idea about the phones. Unfortunately I had to get a smart phone a couple of years ago because my flip phone died. This whole scam is abominable and has shades of communist China. Now we have the likes of Daniel dictator Andrews wanting to be the supreme dictator of Victoria. He needs to be kicked out immediately. I fear for our future children that they are going to be living in a very dystopian world with vaccinations given on a whim and health degrading lower than it is presently. Soon no one will have a natural immune system because it will be bred out of them and they won’t survive even the simplest bug without drugs or vaccines. This world has turned to shit!

    1. There’s only one justifiable outcome for the evil Dan Andrews and everyone else involved in this tyranny, and that’s at the end of a rope! They all need to be held accountable for their evil actions that have killed thousands and destroyed the lives of millions!
      NO MERCY!

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