December 6, 2023

3 thoughts on “Macquarie Bank joins cashless society push

  1. Yeah good luck when systems invariably go down and with all of the hacking, scamming and thefts, and the roll out of the SC system.

  2. “Carefully crafted by the puppet masters who understand how the human herd functions mentally!” Exactly.

  3. What is it about cheques they do not like? The cost for them to produce them? No cost for customers so therefore no fee’s? I just stocked up on cheque books from Bendigo Bank who are also fazing them out. I use them to pay rent so I don’t have to use a third party online system and I always have proof I have paid. I also still use cash and actually using it more now. Getting rid of cash and getting everything online means more control on what, when and how we spend our money. It will also kill garage sales (unless you buy an eftpos machine especially for your garage sale). Not looking forward to 2030 the magic (frightening) year they plan to set up the new world order by. We need to fight as much as possible.

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