December 5, 2023

3 thoughts on “Gain-of-Function: The Blurred Lines of Biowarfare and Vaccine Research

  1. Interesting commentary. Certainly, plenty of research has been conducted on developing coronavirus variants/chimeras. I am of the opinion that the one we are dealing with here is more likely to be a “computerised coronavirus”, a political virus. As with HIV, there has been no definitive characterisation of this virus. The “pandemic”, or rather plan/scamdemic was clearly well planned. The perpetrators would not have risked releasing an actual “dangerous, novel coronavirus” that they could not control. However, a spurious/fictional virus will behave exactly as required: it can be “detected” by a PCR test that does not identify viruses (as warned by its inventor), and indeed, if they ramp up the test cycles sufficiently, pretty well every sample will test positive. These false positives are designated “cases”, but of course are nothing of the sort. What a dangerous disease it is when virtually all of these “cases” are symptomless and perfectly healthy. But they enable the totalitarians to slam whole populations under house arrest, and when the hapless sheeple are allowed out they have to don face nappies, which are bad for them. “Covid deaths” (huge numbers every day in many countries if you believe the MSM…now more accurately the FNM, the “fake news media”) are merely misattributions of genuine causes of death. Why did flu deaths apparently plummet in 2020? In the US, even some gun deaths were designated as Covid-19! The total global mortality rate for 2020 was about the same as the mean of the previous three years…some pandemic!

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