June 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “Corona Variants: What’s REALLY in a Name? | Video

  1. The whole urban economy has become suppressed into effective bankruptcy. Any dissent from the main stream medias information is determining you as a social anarchist, a conspiracy tin hat. All those vacuous insults become discussion, and the public arena has become compliance or arrest. A de-facto act of economic warfare. Debt is becoming the economy and big economic interests are buying the debt leaving us all as the new peons of the work force. Work to pay the rent to live to work to pay the rent. Totalitarian state. An unelected private partnership of political/corporate “kill the virus” power of lies.There is no longer any democracy existent in AUS.
    The mass media most especially the ABC says in un edited terms that the only way out is “vaccination vaccination”. No Where is it possible to argue against the propaganda. Compliance not science!
    7 billion people are being affected by this Big Lie! There is ample evidence that the vaccine is contributing to as many deaths, if not more deaths, than the covid19 Sars 2 Virus ever has. Wake up this is not an experiment! DV

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