December 7, 2023

5 thoughts on “Weaponised Skies: How Chemically-Enhanced Military Jet Trails Disrupt Signals

  1. Let’s see, Coal Fly ash, Radioactive Barium, Aerosoled Alumina – Which can be Remote Çharged’ via 4/5G,Ionised NanoTech particles, Safe as Houses! & a lot of these ÇON’ Trails, AIN’T deployed thru the ‘Turbines’, unless THE ‘Deployment Platform’, SORRY, Civil Aircraft, has got Dummy Engines, and the ‘Real turbines are ‘mini units’ mounted directly to the fuselage, or Wing tips, disguised as ‘Nozzles. Sorry! I should have gone to Spec savers! Mmm Weather. a taste of DARPA – H.A.A.R.P” maybe!

  2. I remember learning all about weather manipulation in the 90’s. This was done by HAARP. The title of the presentation and documentation was “Angels don’t play this HAARP”. It is indeed real and has been used by the military for decades now.

    There is proof that last major Typhoon, Yolanda that hit the Philippines in 2013,was caused by HAARP. The sound and Satellite image of HAARP was clearly and distinctly heard and seen a few days prior to the formation of Typhoon Yolanda.

    The use of HAARP for weather control and manipulation has been well-known and even admitted by who else but DARPA, for decades. As I previously stated in one of my comments, there is nothing that DARP does that is in the interest of humanity. On the very contrary. Here is their own admission. They own the patent for Weather manipulation

    “The technology is covered under US Patent 4,686,605 on the “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere.”

    A terrible contest is before us. We are nearing the battle of the great day of God Almighty. That which has been held in control is to be let loose. The angel of mercy is folding its wings, preparing to step down from the golden throne and leave the world to the control of Satan, the king it has chosen, a murderer and a destroyer from the beginning.

    The principalities and powers of earth are in bitter revolt against the God of heaven. They are filled with hatred against all who serve Him, and soon, very soon, is to be fought the last great battle between good and evil. The earth is to be the battlefield—the scene of the final contest and the final victory. Here, where for so long Satan has led men against God, rebellion is to be forever suppressed.

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