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Evolution Hoax: The Birth of Huxley Eugenics

Brave New World is not a work of 'fiction', rather it is a blueprint that describes a soon-to-emerge world of technologically-driven population control.

Before Aldous Huxley would write this tale, or his brother Julian would champion the eugenics movement, a long-forgotten Huxley would first lay the foundations of mass dehumanization.


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Member Circle: 3/11 Revelation | March 2021

The great journey of enlightenment is often assisted by symbolic codes that are embedded in the fabric of significant world events. The 9/11 Mega-Ritual encourages us to touch the Monolith, accept our destiny and escape the hyperreal Truman World.

Multiple generations, through pillars of initiation, have been unwittingly geared up for the arrival of the 3/11 Mind Virus. Those who can see past the grand illusions of our time are being called for a specific purpose during this time of Revelation.

How does the mass occult ceremony of 9/11 relate to the coronavirus pandemic? Just how far do the cryptic connections go? What is the fate of free thinkers and the world at large?


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Sleight of Hand: Occult Magick and The Great Initiation

Many world events have influenced the human story. A large portion of these have been shrouded in deception, synonymous as symbols that awoke free thinkers to the lie system.

What you must realise by deduction is that you ‘woke up’ because you were supposed to wake up. Not into any circumstantial truth, but into THE truth. You are being initiated.

The signs can be found hidden in plain sight, coded in a variety of collective mediums and channelled through means of mass rituals. Very few have the eyes to see these connections.


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Slowing the sprint towards a cashless society

Australia is forecast to be “effectively cashless” by the year 2024, according to a new report by financial payment giant, FIS.

Meanwhile, Woolworths will scrap a controversial ‘cash-free store’ trial, following public backlash over the move – just months after the cash ban was defeated in parliament.

Is the era of cash really ending, or is there still room to turn the tide? Are news reports from the mainstream establishment accurate, or simply PR?



The Truman World: An Esoteric Analysis

There are many movies with hidden spiritual messages. Some of these movies will allow you to question, think and further decipher reality. The more you awaken to your truth, the more the hidden esoteric messages in motion pictures become evident.

The Truman Show is a powerful entry into the unique and ‘prophetic’ catalogue of science fiction -- a simple story, heavy with metaphor and message, akin to a biblical allegory.

What can the story of Truman tell us about the world around us and the process of awakening? Could the phenomenon of sync reveal a larger process of spiritual initiation?


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