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Australia & New Zealand: Test Ground for Techno-Fascism

Mid-20th century fascism was woefully limited in its capacities and reach. The new technocratic-fascism, however, arrives at the new golden dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ready to extract the population for all the bio-capital information it can.

It is imperative that people learn to tenaciously fight to defend fundamental freedoms like speech and religion, association, privacy, self-defence and refusal of medical treatment.



Revealed: Telstra has joined the CLARA consortium

CLARA has revealed that telecommunications giant Telstra is the latest organisation to join their consortium, in a partnership that will alter Australia’s digital future.

Both groups have signalled intentions to work together in order to enhance Australia’s smart city vision, including high-speed rail lines, driverless cars, 5G integration and much more.



Australia’s high-speed rail agenda strengthens

The Australian Greens Party is backing plans for a Brisbane to Melbourne high-speed rail project, as part of their new election campaign.

The announcement follows Labor confirming their support for the national vision, which they say will lead Australia to economic recovery following COVID-19.


Layers of Lies: The Hoax Hierarchy

Humans are birthed into a conscious and unconscious conditioning process, in which collective culture internalises and becomes enculturated in a vast lie system.

One adapts the false dreams and expectations, rules and requirements, for every demand inside this vast web of deception - where reality has replaced with a hollow simulation.


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The Web of Control and Phantoms of Reality

One of the fundamental aspects of the ontological category of ignorance, is ignorance of this very ignorance; he who not only does not know, but is also unaware of this very fact.

This matrix is a complex illusion which protects itself by inducing a hallucination of itself. It is self-perpetuating; forever simulated. Humans are asleep and mistakenly think they are awake.


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