December 7, 2023

19 thoughts on “Australia’s controversial online hacking legislation has passed

  1. Bills have to be approved by referendum. Oh, I forgot they did it through their corporation so therefore it only applies to corporations which I suppose is our Birth Certificates

    1. The only thing more extreme than the disdain and suspicion with which the government are now treating their own people, is the respect and trust they demand we pay them in return. They can never go back now.

      1. Always amazed ME, that these ‘Units’ [Pollies & Govt Agents], their Collective paws haven’t even ‘Cooled’, after having just left a ‘Bible’ [Do they still do this?] on Swearing on ‘Their Eternal SOULS [Currently M.I.A.] in ”Allegiance’ TO, & Servitude OF, THE Australian People, that they have ALREADY worked some System, to SCREW OVER, THEIR ‘Employers’ – US, THEN, have some form of warped EGO, that we should address THEM with reverence & call them THE HOHOURABLE!
        Bit the same as Institutionalised Religion Really!
        & here I thought Stand Up Comedy was Dead! I Queen Mab most of ’em now!
        If ‘THEY or their Agents’ are in distress, or peril in Future, & I ‘Know’ of their Ilk, & Situational ‘OUTCOME’, I’ll Leave them to their ‘Fate’ without thought – The NEW ‘Fairness’!
        Wellness to US!

  2. Australia has been modeling itself on China for some decades. With a conviction rate as high or higher than any Chinese court, Australia now moves into controlling people for thinking certain thoughts as also happens in China. When Australia handed over all textile manufacturing to China causing massive unemployment & homelessness in Australia it became rather obvious China controls Australia. With both major political parties accepting direct & in direct cash from China it was always inevitable China would want its investment in controlling & limiting Australia’s growth protected & this anti dissent legislation is nothing more than communists looking after communist interests under the guise of combating pedophiles & other online crimes (excluding the financial transactions & treasonous crimes of corrupt Australian politicians ie: Daniel Andrews)

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