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Post-bushfire AI surveillance program ‘monitoring wildlife’

Artificial intelligence and “an army of new sensor cameras” will be used to ‘track the recovery of animals impacted by bushfires’, in one of the most extensive surveillance programs undertaken.

The program is predicted to compliment existing regional surveillance programs carried out by authorities, all designed for incremental fulfilment of the Agenda 2030 vision.


What REALLY is the ‘internet’? | FFT

For decades now, humanity has experienced the power and connectivity of the internet, and as this complex simulated realm grows, it continues to alter collective experiences of reality.

Long before even computers had advanced to the devices we see today, a handful of individuals already envisioned a future in which humans would merge with a digital realm.


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Spike in cyber attacks increases focus on data security

When it comes to owning an organisation, without deploying the necessary data security measures, you will be left with several potential threats.

This is because the majority of enterprises, despite being anywhere between small and large scale, come across data breaching scenarios by not securing their workplace network.


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