December 6, 2023

4 thoughts on “Australia set to introduce digital ID passport for work skills

  1. Frog #1; “I say, is this your first Digital Pot?”
    Frog #2; “Yeah! I’ve heard rumours about a Slow Broiling process!’
    Chef ‘Jim’ Isn’t he a Chalmers; “I Hope you Frogs AREN’T Sharing Mis/ DISH Information! You should be happy that we’re using Renewables! I’ll just turn up the Temperature for your CONvenient ‘Health Spa’. You’ve got a Voice you know – Does anyone want ‘out’ – Yes? Oops! I think your Cooked, so I’ll take your Non Vote, as a YES to Everything! If only they’d been More Digitally CONnected, they’d have been able to Google their I’mFibbingToUs [ Normally ‘Amphibious’- But hey, Govt/ COMIC Ops] Roots, & remained in a ‘Safe & Effective’ environment.
    Frog #2; “I tried that Chalmers Ya Bastard, But Your Wizard No Bloody Network was down – Again! ‘Safe & Effective’? Where’s WorkSafe & the RSPCA?”
    Chef Chalmers; “Well – Without a Digital I.D. profile, technically, YOUR not even suppose to be Here! – PAPIERE SCNELL!”
    Frog #1; “Business as usual Mate! Just Cop it Sweet!”
    – They Never Learn! & the ‘Newby’ Programmed Generations ‘Believe’, that this IS THE Norm! Would ‘They’ Lie to You?
    COMIC – CorpoRAT Organised Military Industrial CONplex.

  2. Oh most certainly, it maybe introduced voluntarily at first but just give it a few years and it most certainly will not be voluntary!

  3. Yes definately a slow creep…..getting people used to the idea of having ID’s for different sectors then eventually a full national one. People will be put in either the “have got ID” to “have not got ID” camp and then a job will be impossible to get without one, being able to use a bank impossible without one, and of course MyGov pushing you to use biometrics next. Resist people, as much as possible, because once all this is implemented there will be no going back.

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