December 5, 2023

5 thoughts on “Cars are becoming a “privacy nightmare on wheels”, say researchers

    1. Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Sand! LOL! Those Arabs! – A NEW level of ‘Stand Up’!
      Maybe THEY’re than I think, & are going to change ALL of that Silica into Glass – ARE ‘THE Venetians’ Involved?

  1. This IS the SAME, as the Internet of EVERYTHING! ‘ Voice Command’ Systems have been around – Militarily, At least, since the Vietnam war in Aerial Gunship Modality, for ‘ Hands Free’ Aircrew Survival – Morphed into the Auto Industry Systems! Now passed off as ‘ CONvenience’, Per faster Downloads/ Entertainment,/ InCONveniences to Time- Memory/ Knowledge Attributes/ Calander Notices & Organisations/ OH, & ‘Needed’ to run a Transport Unit that’s been around for over 120 Years= THANK GOD!
    THEY, the Sheep, Forget that THE System, ALL Systems ‘Listen’! Found in Warranty ‘Details’ of A dishwasher/ Washing Machine/Fridge/T.V/ Sound System/ Computer/Vacuum Cleaner/AirCon/ Microwave/Vehicle, YOUR/ MY ‘Personal Data’, CAN ‘ Legally’ be handed on to 3rd Parties – Uncontrolled! – for YOUR Benefit of Course! Online ‘Interactives’ FULLY logged of Course = See Our man Snowden’s Exposures Per Privacy 2015 – 8 YEARS on, we’ve Got Cyber Divisions ‘Wet Dream’ – UNlimited Tracking! With ZERO ‘Guarding of the Guards’!
    Per the 5 Eyes World of Everything, & Beyond;
    ‘ Football, Beer, & above all – Gambling, filled up the Horizons of their Minds. To keep them in CONtrol was Not DiffiCult!’ – George Orwell. 1984.
    In an Auto world where Folks are lucky to be able to Complete the ‘Mundane’ – Changing a flat Tyre, OR, being able to Park a Vehicle ‘Without’ Using onboard Park assist, OR, Heaven forbid – Discrimination for NOT being able to Drive a ‘Manual’ Vehicle, What hope is there for a Peasant Drone, OperaTing A Modern 2 something Tonne – 10 Valve per Cylinder- ‘SKY’ ACTIVE Plastic Condom, With a Double Overhead Baby Chino Machine in the Glovebox- LED disco Lighting – Ceiling Mounted 5G Net for ‘Bored’ Gen # Something in the Back Seats – Hands free ‘ driver’ InterActives, So they can ‘Conduct’ a Simulated ‘ Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark’, Whist ‘Tizzing’ their Lacquered Locks & Offgassing fingernails & PVC Dashboard internals – THE ALL IN SUV, breaking down with Error Code # 42? DO folks ‘Know’ what the ‘Sky Active’ Logo, even ‘Means’?
    Last; a) In the Vehicle Manual, ‘APPaRently’, ALL vehicles, ‘Break Down’ directly in front of an associated Dealership! AND, DO NOT forget Kids – ONLY Touch the ‘Yellow’ Bits – For those STILL capable of ‘Reading’, OR locating the Zombie owners, vehicle Manual behind the Chino Machine!
    b) 2006/7. Holden Network Q Baseline Security, COULD Tell – Location in Latitude/Longitude to the Sec. COULD Tell Elevation. COULD tell Speed of Vehicle, including OVERspeed – Dedicated uplink. Insurance/Police Ramifications Not Inclusive – Including Actual ‘Theft’ – OH Really!
    c) ECO Special/Spatial Greenies, STILL wearing Appropriate Negation Blinkers on ‘E’ Vehicles ‘ Cobalt’ Mining Origins & Toxicological Fallout per Manufacturing/ Running Parameters! The Cops & Insurance Groups are MIA on these as well!
    Entertainment; See You Tube, for Current Intelligencia @ Fuel Stations, trying to ‘Flammable Fuel Fill’ A Tesla! AND, Wonder at – NO, JUST DON’T DO IT! And I think this was BEFORE CONVID # Something ‘Jab’ Roll out!

  2. in qld, the power companies want to control if/when ev owners can charge their own vehicles in their own homes see:

    so even if you don’t care about who sees or hears you in your own ev, you won’t be able to use it any time you want either.

    i’ll stick to regular dumb & free range cars until they eventually become illegal. the ACT will probably be the first to completely ban regular cars just to show the whole country how truly virtuous they are by surrendering everything to the quislings managing things for their masters. just like they did with the so called voice bs.



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