November 29, 2023

8 thoughts on “‘SOS CALL’: Solidarity demonstrations held across the world for Australia

  1. Thank you to all our brothers and sisters around the world from all the nations. We Australians are forever grateful for your support and understanding that our corrupt evil government is no acting democratically and that we are under threat of modern day Nazi tactics. The entire world is under siege and we are just one of the nations that are most at threat at this moment. We are a nation that grew complacent, that let its guard down, allowed our guns to be taken away, and were unconcerned at the absence of any “bill of rights”. have had plenty of opportunity to fix the broken corruption but we were complacent and thought it was always someone else’s problem. We were self absorbed – totally occupied with our own home, our own family, our job.. not once looking at a bigger picture or caring. We ignored the “less fortunate” because it was “their” fault and “the government” would fix it. Now we realise how wrong and complacent we were and we are trying to rise once again. We stand hand-in-hand with all nationalities that call this land home. We stand hand in hand with our aboriginal brothers and sisters. We realise now how much we let slide and only now, are we realising how “stuffed” we are because of what we have let happen on our watch. But… like the French during WW2, many of us would rather “die on our feet than live on our knees” and we know that no matter what targets are set for us.. the finish line will always move further out. The need to inject us against our will, can only increase. They will become rapidly and desperately more volatile towards us citizens as more and more people start to fall ill or dead from this injection.

    Just knowing that you, from another nation half a world away… cares for us, gives me hope, gives “us’ hope that we can still win if we keep fighting. And that we are not the unseen and the unheard as the media would have us believe. We are one people – the Human race and we will have freedom.

    1. It really is not strange to understand this interview and the concept when you look at the writings of Galton, a close relative of Charles Darwin, who created the Eugenics movement. The same ideas are used in animal breeding. You take the strongest stock and breed them, whilst destroying the rest. So this poor woman with all her maladies according to Galton, is to be destroyed and unfit for breeding and seen as a detriment to the future of the human species. The irony here is that . the smaller the breeding pool, the higher the genetic abnormalities, and the smaller and weaker the off spring. And the heralded traits targeted to be handed to the next generation simply do not appear. This movement started in the UK, spread to the USA where it was behind the Black racist movements and then Nazi Germany, and even showed its head in the Bosnian Serbian war and further. Eugenics is not a new idea. And if you think this a fiction, do a little reading. When you mesh this dangerous idea with the idea of “over population” and that poverty is an inherited trait, and so on.. it becomes quite dark. And now we are talking the UN One world order and its Agenda 21, which is actually summarised on the stonework of the Georgia Guide stones. Sure.. conspiracy you say. So then go get vaccinated by this clearly toxic death shot, if all the scientists doctors and medical experts naysaying it are wrong and you are right just because the idea of a global Eugenics cult exists. More than that… it has been well over a century in making, entrenched in the wealthiest people of the last century and invested upon right now by such families as the Gates Family. This is what I am trying to warn people of. This is not a vaccine, it is a nazi death camp dressed up like a children’s party to be totally fun and safe, with the red flags of negating consent, hiding the truth, and a complete shutdown of any scientific discussion. All that on the back of the most intense propaganda campaign in human history. And now Victoria and NT look very much like the Nineteen thirties WW2 Germany. Health passes.. check. Healthy people carrying some scary disease ? Check. Making it impossible for these healthy people to function in society ? Check. Taking healthy people off to camps ? Check. We all know what comes next right ? The world is waking up but not fast enough. Fairly soon a lot of the ordinary every day people jabbed, will start falling over. Why not more ? We have seen that some LOT numbers are worse than others. Did you notice the last Australian Census was missing most of the data gathering tools except.. your income. Why is that ? Is it just coincidence that poverty is targeted by Eugenics ? Is it just per chance that a lot of the early deaths are with poor people ? No you say ? Forgetting the Tunguskee experiment are we ? How about the Australian nuclear tests ? You do realise those too were not about yield but about the impact of radiation fallout on populations ? And what about the Spraying of vaccine tests over 4 Australian cities somewhere around 2012 ? It was in several papers at the time. You think your government has your best interests at heart ? What about the ADF population predictions for 2025 and 2030 ? Half the population gone from their statistics. Not to mention the idea of smart cities, digital ID, cashless societies… you think this is all coincidence ? Omicron from Sth Africa two weeks after they refused to buy more vaccines saying they did not need them ? And the solution… take more of the same thing that has not worked yet.. and we have the CDC and WHO’s own statistics to support that.
      We are being exterminated and many of us are actually helping to do it. Even the nurses that stayed and got jabbed need to watch the doco Caring Corrupted (See Youtube).

  2. The only thing that brings me faith is that life is chaos. Literally it cannot be contained. The natural forces of life are forever creating new pathways and open doors. It cannot be contained by science or the meddlings of any human or group of them. Life will always expand, always create variety and always succeed. It is a motive force in the universe and exists on a level mere humanity cannot hope to comprehend. Any time we as a species have attempted to control the processes of life it has been disastrous for those attempting control, not life itself. When you pit yourself against the greatest force in creation you must lose.

  3. Tragic that the rest of the world is worried for Australians when far far too many Australians don’t have the sense to be worried for themselves.

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