December 7, 2023

8 thoughts on “International personalities show support for Australian freedom efforts

  1. Surprise Night-time Protests en masse need to be organised as covertly and as often as possible.

    Truckers need to armour-up (pin-hole 1cm thick steel plates to cover, windscreens, windows, doors, radiators and tyres) their vehicles against bullets and tyre spike systems.

    1. Additionally, Mobile Cranes could be armoured-up and used as “battering rams”. Concrete Mixer Trucks could be useful for getting people into Army Bases to secure weapons.

  2. Good ideas from M. Good to see this international support for Australians fighting against this disgusting tyranny. So much happening down here in Adelaide with helping to promote the Freedom Rally on Sat (it went well, ca 4000, by far our biggest yet), that I can’t remember whether I posted a TOTT comment re the ABC interview I had with Eric Tlosek last Thursday. It resulted in an article on their website on Saturday, “Covid-19 accelerating rise of conspiracy movements in Australia” and surprisingly I wasn’t portrayed as an absolute nutter. In the photo I am showing a page from the excellent Kiwi journal, “The Real News” (that I purchased at the Greenslopes newsagency last time I was in Brisbane) showing the article “10 things we have learned during the Covid coup”, with the title clearly visible. A www search with this takes you to the very list (thus we have a minor miracle here: the ABC is helping spread some Covid truth). #6 is my favourite: “Most people in our society are cowards. They will jettison all the fine values and principles which they have been loudly boasting about all their lives merely to avoid the slightest chance of public criticism, inconvenience or even minor financial loss.”

  3. This is getting really interesting now, I’m just wondering how far this is going to go. I would not be surprised if the government full on enacted martial law officially (even thought it already sorta is).

    1. It will be interesting to see them try. There are about 8000 actual boot-wearing soldiers in Australia. That’s not even one soldier per town. Something tells me whoever is handling the govt WANTS them to lose control of the situation, so they can bring in the UN. I bet ScoMo and Gladys aren’t sleeping well at the moment. Their only way out is to remove all restrictions and hand power back to the people.

  4. Some sheeple are clearly waking but many many more should be waking. I’ve said for decades Australia was communist but the sheep would swear the definition of democracy is being able to vote. What some are finally realizing is the vote has always been a choice of 2 tyrants who use the police for their intended purpose, shield the politicians & crush by any means the citizenry.
    Police deserve no respect whatsoever. And remember at the outbreak of the Fauci/CCP plandemic Daniel Andrews first thought was to make a corrupt deal with the CCP (road & belt BULLFUCKINGSHIT initiative). Just like in America where the govt’s sowed division (ie: indigenous on one side & everyone else on the other). Dividing the people & playing them off each other to weaken the community spirit. I’m glad to see some take up the fight but we’ll need numbers to grow if victory is to be swift.
    And whatever you do, don’t take the “vaccine”. The same scum oppressing us now are the nazi sales people forcing the injectionssssssss. Yes more injections will follow as sure as night follows day. People who’ve had injections catch the virus & permanently spread variants. I had covid 17 mths ago. 4 days feeling fairly crook & 5th day 100% ok & have been ever since. No masks ever, no therapeutics ever.

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