June 3, 2023

6 thoughts on “‘Awakening’ The Masses? – Lessons from Brave New World

  1. I have had people step back from me when they realised I wasn’t gene therapied (vaxed). Another time I was told by my brother I was selfish. I was told to leave my accommodation, one weeks notice, homeless now because I was informed. People disconnect the moment you bring up the other side. Really amazing propaganda watching it live these days. So I had to speak my truth to government, so I wrote this senate submission as my expression of no consent to what I realised is a crime against humanity. https://pftw.worldpeacefull.com/submission-to-act-government-conscientious-objection-to-public-health-amendment-bill-2021-2/

    1. GOOD FOR YOU! ‘Truth & Government’ in the same sentence! Normally Unacceptable, or Inappropriate! (LOL)! It is ‘Helpful’ if you were Pre Dispossessed from, The Group dependence whilst @ school. Sets People up for the same, as an adult. & The ‘Old Emotional ‘Leverage Game -‘Selfish’, Think of Others & Not Yourself! Do it for Your Relatives, The Country, Nan, Pop, Ya Cat, The Budgie, Ya Neighbours!’ (What have these People got a Government/ Media issued ‘Emotional Flow Chart’?) But Don’t You do Something for Yourself! Including Independent Thought!
      Discovered that, with current Bias atmosphere, Disingenuous Pollies, Medics, Media of Course, relatives & who ever else wants to join the “Ignorant Brigade’, even if we have Nothing physically left but our Health & ‘SELF’, WE are Still in Front!
      A thought for The ‘Emotionally Dependent’;
      At WHAT Point DID the Population, Make it ‘ACCEPTABLE’ that The Public SERVANT Governments & THE Media (No matter the Platform), DICTATE to US, THE WHAT , OR THE WHEN, OR WHERE, YOU CAN, & CANNOT THINK, or QUESTION?
      Hope your Lodgings & other are resolved soon. Network Support – Like Minded.

  2. I sure do find this familiar, Ethan. It seems you have an uncanny (and welcome) ability to tap into my very life. I experienced this first hand in a family member over Christmas. The quax has the effect, inter alia, of fogging the brain and increasing aggression, especially toward anyone who challenges their fragile, fear-driven “official” convid1984 world view.

    Poor John the Savage, tried to save the Epsilons but they just dragged him down. Soma soma soma…quax quax quax!

    Looking forward to the rally tomorrow. I got my first warning from the University today for my recent anti-convid1984 activity. Actually it was quite mild…they were not bothered greatly about my activity, just requested that I not mention my affiliation with the University in future. I think this answers the question I have had for two months: which will happen first: being thrown out or getting out when the V-C’s planned quax mandate is imposed? It will be the latter.

  3. I,ll be at the Rally, so will Hundreds of Mothers who are soooo pisssed off by the poisons being given to their children & pregnant silly women. who “WILL” regret getting the Death -Jab.Down load Reignite Democracy & put Posters on every covid injection DEATH SITES!

  4. From personal experiences with NPC’s in the community and in my own family, I am beginning to wonder if they are more egocentric by nature and not truly empathetic towards matters that do not directly concern or affect them.
    It is like a force field surrounds their brain and anything counter to their ideologies or beliefs is rejected with no further analysis required – case closed, move on.
    For nearly two years I have tried to gently (then not so gently) lead some school teachers (extended family members) to the reality that we all know, and it is phenomenal how nada gets absorbed.
    Only until they discovered they were set to lose a week of leave at the end of 2022 did any semblance of a cognitive spark flash from their mouths. Prepared to go on strike for that 7 days of vacation – but when it comes to getting nasally raped by a PCR or rolling up the sleeve for their 3rd injection, it is not questioned.
    Their daughter/sister (my wife) has walked from her 20 year nursing career due to standing up for herself and that is unnoticed and almost frowned upon. We the “savages” should conserve our energy and focus on living in the moment, cultivating positive relationships with the likeminded and to rise above the low levels of consciousness and vibration that they would like us to remain in.
    Give yourself kudos as you are part of the select few given the courage and the opportunity/destiny to stand up for humanity.

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