December 6, 2023

8 thoughts on “Thousands Unite in Song, Dance and Messages of Hope at QLD-NSW Border Rally

  1. What a great, spirited crowd of REAL Australians at Coolangatta. “How long will it take to achieve herd intelligence?”. These people and others like them around the country are there already. Now how about the other 95% of “Australians”…

  2. This makes me so happy and gives me hope for the future of humanity! We just need the rest of the sheep to wake up!

  3. How utterly wonderful. As a 77yo resident in Cooktown far north Qld we have lived much as always, but expect Big Brother to be breathing down our necks in the not too distant future. The aboriginal communities near us have been targeted with door to door jabs and it’s so sad many don’t have the knowledge or courage to say no. Many staff at our hospital have quit or gone on leave due to mandatory vax. It’s so uplifting to see so many standing up for a democratic choice to say no to this shocking chemical experiment. Trisha

  4. I was there with my 12 year old son and it was a truly inspirational and powerful gathering. Slowly, slowly the tide is turning.

  5. Some great reports Ethan, thanks. First thing I noticed before I even watched any of the videos was the white clothes people were wearing! Wonderful. IMHO everyone that wears black is just assisting the evil on the planet that’s creating all this chaos. Black is a sign of death, u wear it if someone close died, NOT as a fashion statement. It’s depressing to look at & I wonder if people feel more miserable when wearing black, wouldn’t know as I don’t own any clothing that’s black. Look at everyone who wears black all the time, why? I suppose just because it’s ‘cool’/trendy. It’s not either, it’s evil. Bring on the yellows, oranges, blues, greens & white even though it gets dirty too quick ha ha. Anything but evil depressing black. I said out loud to myself at the first picture in the article, “There’s no black clothes, oh wow how good is that” I wonder who suggested to the protesters/marchers to wear white? Obviously a few had to wear it it’s become a habit maybe? Anyone agree or see this point or am I just nuts?

  6. So, by your opinion black people, crows, cats, dogs etc. are all evil? Calling black evil is nuts, it’s just a shade. This has to be the most absurd notion I’ve ever heard!

    1. No No not at all, someone else had the same reply to my thought. I am NOT talking about black in general just BLACK CLOTHING, There’s a big difference. Couldn’t you see & even ‘feel’ the difference that all the people wore white, white for peace & spirituality, not black for death & evil. An expression, only of feelings.

      1. First of all nobody had the same reply to your thought in this thread.
        I’m a natural therapist and have studied the effects of colour therapy on the human psyche, and yes, black has an effect on ‘some’ people’s moods, but has it’s place and uses. But to call ‘black’ evil is an absurd human superstition made up in your mind. There is nothing ‘evil’ about wearing black clothing, or a black cat crossing your path, or the association of black with evil or negative feelings. This is a human construct and superstition only.

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