September 23, 2023

21 thoughts on “Revealed: The Locations of Australia’s Quarantine Camps | Exclusive

  1. The construction of the Brisbane camp is well underway – I drove past recently and the Atco/Portacabins/Demountables are being delivered and set up now. Interestingly right across the road from the main entrance to the facility is a compound of workshops and warehouses with 3 armoured troop carriers parked up painted in white with U.N. livery on them. Why would they be on Australian soil?

    1. Why indeed? Because the UN promotes this hoax along with the “Climate Change” scam. Throw the scum out of the county along with their enablers.

  2. Centres for National Resilience…who are the treasonous scum who applied an Orwellian moniker like that to the concentration camp Hotel Californias of the Quaxi-Nation of Ozcatraz?

  3. Quarantine Hotel with a Pleasant vista across tree less Plains. Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run!
    Let’s see, 7 States , & 11 Camps, Does the 7/ 11 Franchise Group Know about this?
    2016/19 MJTF/FEMA United States, was freighting U.N. Liveried Hum Vees around The Greater U.S.A.
    Nothing to see here.

  4. There will be an IQ test to work in these camps. Below 100 will be the requirement, people who don’t question, who just do the tasks as required. Our greatest threat will come from ordinary people who believe they are doing an important job on behalf of the community. They are being lied to too. The tradies who are building these camps, need to walk off the job. They cannot be blind to what these are about or immune to becoming an inmate of them.

    1. well antivaxxers are fkd then, coz you lot aint even finished high school have ya.. All a lot of tradies and hippy woo Mums.. Dont fkn flatter yourself GENIUS..

      “Wake up Australia the REAL enemy is Jews amongst us!!!
      All of this is being done by fear mongering from Jew controlled media worldwide!”


  5. All part of the long term Zionist plan for world domination! Look at all our Jew Premiers and worst of all our Treasurer ! As a sideline they are insulting the dumb sheep population of Australia, by building these camps — “Look how it was for us in 1939-45” is their mantra and they are getting away with it! The one I love is how they conned the WA Premier to finance a sports and cultural centre to the tune of 6 million (their favourite number) dollars When it was completed they named it the Holocaust Museum ! Wake up Australia the REAL enemy is Jews amongst us!!!
    All of this is being done by fear mongering from Jew controlled media worldwide!
    Did you know there have been no deaths attributed to seasonal ‘flu last year? None of you would walk into a paddock and revel in bullshit? – That is exactly what the Australian public are doing !!

  6. Fkn nuts, as an American i feel sorry for aussies right now. This is why you don’t give up your guns people!!

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