Discussion: Coronacircus, birth trauma, CBD

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On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan Nash from TOTT News joins General Maddox and Andy Somes from Real News Australia to discuss hilarious recommendations for double-masking, the dark side of modern medicine, CBD oil in Australia and more.




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2 comments on “Discussion: Coronacircus, birth trauma, CBD”

  1. Think its a great idea cbd oil being sold across the counter , heard its $280 for 10ml.

    CBD is great but for cancer treatment you need full spectrum that will treat everything and directly attack the cancer cells.

    I had a spot on my lung last year 6 drops a day for three months it cleared up , i recommend it

  2. Three intelligent, wise commentators with a sharp eye for the absurd…and no lack of fodder for them in 2021 Australia. Yeah, fed up with the Branch Covidian masketeers. But as The General and his colleagues say, we need to find humour in this current global madness. My current favourite is the two laboratory mice:
    Mouse 1: “Are you going to get vaccinated?”
    Mouse 2: “You’re crazy! They haven’t finished human trials.”

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