October 1, 2023

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TOTT News publishes regular membership video pieces for both Supporters and Full Members of the website, to accompany membership features.

This content is part of the bread and butter of our website, acting as both a gift of compensation for generous supporters of independent media and an attempt to discuss and unravel some of our public themes displayed.

All membership videos are in chronological order from latest to earliest.

Starting from the bottom of the page first will give you the best perspective if you are new and are exploring the archives, while those looking for latest posts have quick access from the top.



Space Deception: ‘Big G’ and the Cavendish Hoax
(Full Members)

In 1798, an autistic man named Henry Cavendish was able to determine the weight of the Earth – and the value of gravity – by hanging two lead balls in his backyard shed.

Pulling off this amazing task a century before electricity was invented, the work of Cavendish was done to a 99% accuracy rate – still forming the basis of many scientific endeavours today.

Sound a little absurd? That’s because it is.


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Space Deception: The Moon Landing Production

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Myths of Our Time with John Hamer

Monolith: A 9/11 Space Odyssey

On September 11th, 2001, the collective psyche of the public was spellbound through media repetition and the grand power of suggestion. By all indications, the spell has still not yet worn off.

A pattern of symbolic programming, hidden in plain sight, serves paradoxically as a source of great and grand revelation when examining the events of 9/11. Here, the message sent to the masses was allegorical, profound and perhaps shown to be linked to something much bigger than ourselves.

What was the real purpose of this perception-altering event? Have we really been told the full story? Perhaps, there could be something much deeper waiting be discovered beneath the surface?


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Sleight of Hand: Occult Magick and The Great Initiation

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The 3/11 Revelation Explained

Birth Trauma: How Hospitals Alter Humans

Many women, for many reasons, find the experience of childbirth emotionally traumatic. For the children, long-lasting psychological damage is imprinted in their subconscious mind for a lifetime.

Medical violence is deliberate and methodical, and further examination of this process reveals systemic abuse against infants and parents before and during hospital birth.

This important presentation takes a look at technological interventions during childbirth and the abuse of mothers and infants undertaken by hospitals across the world.


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Medical Hoax: The Corruption of Creation

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Infant Imprinting with Jeanice Barcelo

Keeping Kayfabe: Politics is WWE

Professional wrestling – half Shakespeare, half suplexes — continues to captivate as a stage-managed ‘reality’, in which scripted stories bleed freely into real events and the blurry line between truth heightens the addiction to the melodrama.

The world has caught up to the ethos of professional wrestling, and with each passing year, more and more facets of popular culture become something like wrestling — including politics.

In anticipation of the 2020 US Election Extravaganza, we are witnessing is the morphing of wrestling’s showmanship phenomenon now in a seemingly disparate, but parallel world.


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Bread and Circus: The Geopolitical Stage Show

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The World is a Work with Jordan

The White Coat Deception

Humanity exists in a world where scientific religious doctrines are widely engrained with little objection or scepticism, and whenever information is channelled from the ‘medical industry’, there is an implied understanding that because these findings come from doctors, they are indisputable.

However, underneath the surface level, a large number of underpinnings that make up what we call ‘medical science’, are based on questionable evidence and even darker mass deceptions.

This has allowed white coat rogues to commit far more than just fraud for decades now.


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Medical Hoax: Mechanics of Eugenics

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In Utero with Jim West

The Head of the Snake

The middle of the 17th century was reportedly a time of uncertainty and chaos, and an era in which a group of scientific rouges set up a royalist club that would change human understandings forever.

The Royal Society, now the oldest scientific institution in the world, powers an international network of institutions, priests and clergymen that form the core of a new, one world religion of science.

Learn how The Royal Society is really the Vatican of the Scientism, and how their work formed a fundamental pillar in the acceptance of many collective perceptions.”


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Scientism: The Religion of Science

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The World Cult with Lee Maddox

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The Hatchery of Scientism

Bill Gates and the Malthusian Trap
(Full Members)

Did Bill Gates really call for depopulation of the planet? Or is there a deeper theory behind the eugenics concepts found in this speech?

Could the COVID-19 vaccine actually be a front for more complex ideas of population control?

Learn the complex truth about the eugenics vision to transform a species.


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The ‘Elite’ Conundrum

The End Times?

The ‘End Times’: a defining concept described variously in the eschatologies of several world religions, revealing metaphorical tales of a period when world events will reach a climax.

What can synchromysticism reveal to us about our destiny? Do links exists between between the transhumanist agenda, COVID-19 and the story of man found in the bible? Or has Ethan finally lost his mind?

Take a look at the rise of nihilism and the sickness of man’s soul, birth pains of the apocalypse and The Book of Revelation, The Lower Mind Virus, the persecution of truth and more.


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Follow The Signs: Sync and Numerology

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The COVID Apocalypse with Adam Crazz

Australian History Hoax

The cultural marxist lobby have extensively misrepresented and fabricated historical evidence about Australia’s past in order to support a divisive political agenda.

An investigation into metanarratives of Australian history shows invented incidents, concocted footnotes, altered documents and gross exaggerations of early Australian-Aboriginal relations.

In the following membership video, we take a look at the alleged conflicts of Australia’s past and ask ourselves the question: Was there really a ‘genocide’ of Aboriginals during early settlement of Australia?


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Australian History Exposed: Frontier Wars Hoax

The Point of No Return

“The question, ‘what is reality?’, arises from reflections that ultimately lead us to wonder if we can know of a world beyond our perceptions; to understand the causes of our consciousness and the underlying mechanisms of our lives.

The truth is not always a pleasant thing. But what does a journey in pursuit of truth tell us about the nature of this realm?

No matter how much information one may receive, if the necessary steps aren’t taken to incorporate the consequences of discoveries into the framework of understandings, such information will never turn into revelation.


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The Black Pill: Beyond the Matrix

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Down the Rabbit Hole with John le Bon

Leaving it Behind!

In a modern, technologically-driven world, the advantage of the future lies with those who can think critically and keep improving their understanding of the dangers of life.

In a society full of deceptions and propaganda on both sides of the intellectual spectrum, how can we navigate our perceptions and take our place as individuals in this world and in communities?

In the following video, we take a look back at key topics and dangers of 2019, EMF and endocrine disruption, technology and privacy essentials, independence, sustainability and more.


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Poison Touch: An Analysis of Danger

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Critical thinking is a methodology not just about being critical in the typical, negative sense of the word; rather critical thinking means making clear, reasoned judgements.

A successful critical thinker questions perceived knowledge, rejects anecdotal evidence and examines the source of all information – no matter how ‘accepted’ that information may be in society.

He or she is open-minded and well-informed, able to judge the quality of an argument and draw cautious, yet evidence-based conclusions.


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Rebirth: Critical Thinking and Understanding

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The Glass Ceiling with Jordan

The ‘Truth’ Movement and NPCs

We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented,” explains Christof, the director of the series-within-the-movie, The Truman Show.

Many of us remember the fable, centered on Truman – an upbeat man, played by Jim Carrey — who gradually realizes that his entire life is an elaborately constructed ruse.

Could this also be the same for the ‘truth’ movement?

Examine the nature of ‘normies’ and NPC behaviour, the ACT Realm and psychology of ‘truthers’, the similarities between the two, echo chambers, logical fallacies and more.


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The Information War: Players and Narratives

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The ‘Truth Movement’ with Andy Somes

How Google is Controlling Reality

Google has a grand vision for the world around us, with the manifestation of science fiction settings decades away from altering the course of human experiences with technology.

In the following membership video for the month of September, we analyse the deeper themes and questions behind Google’s international influence over the world and the individual mind.

Take a look at Google’s insert into popular culture, techniques used by platforms to dehumanize masses, simulated reality, infiltration of our minds and the re-engineering of humanity.


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Googleplex: The Ministry of Alphabet

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The Digital Transformation with Ramola D

Huxley’s Brave New World Order

In a world where individuals believe that satisfying the needs of consumption will provide individual fulfilment and personal growth, humanity is lost in an endless cycle of dehumanized hopelessness and consumerism that has taken over innate qualities of love and connection.

This video takes a look at the most important novel of the 20th century — Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World — and examine the author, the associated themes and greater connections relating to the prophetic novel and society.

This includes a look at how the story relates to the modern world, the connection of dystopian authors, the Huxley family tree and the deeper messages behind the fictional tale.


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Future Visions: The World of Dystopian Fiction

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The Control Structure with Adam Crazz

The Transhumanist Shift

Imagining a world where humanity has evolved in ways that transcend the traditional understanding of ‘human’, to a ‘post’ or ‘transhuman’, has been a reoccurring theme in science fiction literature since the inception of the genre.

In the modern world, the possibility of a future including ‘posthumans’ has received significant attention due to the emergence of new scientific fields as the result of advancing technologies.

Explore the concepts of both posthumanism and transhumanism, and examine the effects that a technological and biological transformation will have on a dehumanized society.


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Dehumanization: A Tale of the Modern World

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The End of Tradition with Bradley and Chris

What Am I Eating?!

Australian supermarkets are symptoms of a food supply that is out of control.

Millions enjoy a more comfortable existence than that of their grandparents, yet basic means of nutrition and food quality continue to decline at rapid rates.

Learn the truth about modern food, including the history of agriculture, the monopoly of control, health propaganda and the introduction of chemical processing, quality of life and an in-depth look GMOs and the underlying Food Hoax.


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Modern Food: The Ugly Truth

Is There a Better Way?

Parents and students are turning away from indoctrination and conformity factories, and alternative schooling – described as non-traditional public and private education – is growing at unprecedented rates across the world.

Choosing to educate your child outside of traditional institutions of schooling is an important decision – and today, with continued propaganda and deception, remains a complicated one.

Take a look at the educational structure, including the need for change in modern schooling and a comprehensive look at alternative models for future.


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The Education System: Constructing Human Minds

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The Influence of Development

The End of Free Speech

Politically correct culture and the anti-democratic nature of ‘hate speech’ censorship is on the rise in Australia, as persistent proponents of a new age of ‘tolerance’ push the dogma that a hierarchy of ideas exist – some superior and some that need to be suppressed.

Conflating criticisms of beliefs with criticisms of believers, a new society of language policing is slowly emerging, as ideological labels are used to dress up the latest manifestation of the collective impulse to gag others from expressing opinions.

Explore new pushes to restrict free speech in society, highlighting comparisons between the concept of ‘hate speech’ and the enforcement of ‘Newspeak’ in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.


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Thought Police: The End of Free Speech

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The Rise of Censorship with Hereward Fenton

Agenda 2030 in Australia!

Devised and driven by countries as the most intensive international multi-stakeholder consultation in history, UN Agenda 2030 is set to become the main reference for development policies at a national level and in the push for world government.

Almost every government on the planet met at the 70th General Assembly at the UN headquarters to adopt a 15 year master plan comprised of 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) and 169 specific targets to be implemented on all of humanity.

Learn about the implementation of Agenda 2030 in Australia specifically, including current SDGs being actioned across the country, future directions of the plan, groups and organisations pulling the strings and much more.


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Agenda 2030: Australia’s Role in the United Nations

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UN: The Path Towards World Governance

Altering the Mind

The transgender movement has transformed cultural normalities and social institutions at breathtaking speed, and most of us, becoming acquainted with the ‘trans issue’ for the first time, are astonished to discover the extent of the ‘gender revolution’.

Australians are attempting to reverse years of historical, cultural and social understandings around gender and biology, and the movement has accomplished in a few years what the movements for women’s and gay right and lesbian rights took many decades to achieve.

Take a look at statistics and published understandings of the phenomenon, mass indoctrination of children through public institutions, the money trail behind the movement and the mainstream establishment promoting a wave of thought-altering information.


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Reverse Reality: The Social Engineering Agenda

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Psychological Warfare with Adam, Lee and Chris

What is China’s ‘Social Credit System’?

A new national system is being developed by which all citizens will be monitored on a 24/7 basis and ranked on their behaviour, with the Chinese government moving quickly to introduce what is described as “social scorecards” to underpin the agenda.

The Communist Party’s plan is for every one of its citizens to be at the whim of a dystopian social credit system, and it’s on track to be fully operational by the year 2020.

An active pilot program has already seen millions of people each assigned personal ‘score credit’, and citizens involved have begun to either reap its benefits or suffer its consequences – depending on which end of the scale they sit.


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Australia: The Biometric Dystopia Cometh

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Big Brother is Watching with Lee Maddox

Mass Media Monopoly

The mainstream media exists today as a small, powerful group of international organisations, that through a long history of social experiments and consolidation of power, create public opinion to be manipulated.

All whilst disguising the true agenda of a structured, multi-tentacle propaganda machine.

Explore the ultimate question underpinning this three-part series, and that is: What is the agenda of the media?


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Analysing Mass Media: History and Agenda

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The Unseen Powers of Media Brainwashing


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