November 29, 2023

4 thoughts on “Discussion: Mandate madness in Australia

  1. Listened to the pod on Real News Australia…another beauty. You blokes always leave me feeling hopeful. One might have thought that the fact that quax mandates/severe coercion are all unlawful and comprehensively violate The Nuremberg Code, Helsinki Declaration, Geneva Convention, and the Australian Constitution might give the perpetrators and their enablers pause. But no, they just keep escalating their efforts. Such efforts attract the death penalty in numerous countries. But here in The Quaxi-Nation of Ozcatraz they just seem to get away with it…what a country this has become. The evil is so pervasive now that I can almost smell and taste it.

    As I stated in my talk at the Adelaide rally on the steps of Parliament House last Saturday: “A handful of nurses and doctors have stood up and told the truth about the poisonous quax…but most haven’t. Don’t you swear The Hippocratic Oath these days? Above all, do no harm. Every time you jab that poison into someone’s arm you are doing harm. Who do you see when you look in the mirror in the morning and at night…a healer or a harmer…maybe even a murderer. Try to find some courage and break free from the shackles of evil Big pHARMa. Find a backbone…if you are a male, find a pair of cojones…and if you don’t know what I am talking about, find a Spanish dictionary!”

  2. Yes I too wonder why so few in Australia are willing to look elsewhere to get their HEALTH information instead of just following like sheep I am also thinking as in the past none of the vaxx manufacturers will ever even recognised as for the deadly product being used for the many illnesses that are already showing up,,.. what about Pilots with QF about to take to the international skies, what about the DELTA pilot, fully jabbed, who felt sick during the flight he was pilot on,… to the point where he asked the co pilot to take over,…. and not long later died! NOT on the front page, what about Clive Palmer selling all his shares of QF as he believes the company could see class actions from coerced into the jab flight staff that will experience serious illnesses??? Qulified doctors in the US speaking out that they are seeing a tremendous increase in serious sickness incl cancers… WHY are our “”Leaders” blind, and what deal have they signed…and WHY have none of them got a different opinion! What business is my health to them> Bugger off and do the right thing for once in the 2 years. And WHY is Vic now opening up when their Numbers of “cases”: are going up and up… and previously they were locking up the state>?? NOTHING has changed the numbers are up, up on jabbs and up on cases.. Strange that is??? NO?>? Questions her Mr Premier?

  3. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all your wonderful ( only real ) coverage of the developments here in Oz. It would be great to see you offer a list of the local companies requiring the injection mandates here, so we can begin the national process of boycotting this nonsense and garnishing support on the ground for those companies not partaking in the nonsense. For example, I just saw that Woolies, Aldi and some Coles stores will mandate the injections for staff, so we will no longer be shopping there at all and will only support stores that support humanity. Lets get a list and some ground support going for a national boycott of nonsense! I am in.

    Michele Gordon

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