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Do We Live in a Brave New World? – Huxley’s Vision of the Future

Brave New World depicts a scientifically-managed dystopia, where authorities attain compliance via means of mass manipulation with drugs and other technological methods.

Huxley wrote the novel as a blueprint: advances in science and technology, he believed, were paving the way for the type of society depicted in his vision.


Corona Variants: What’s REALLY in a Name? | Video

The World Health Organisation announced an official framework for naming ‘coronavirus strain variants’, and this push has lead to the use of current Greek alphabet terminology.

Are these variant names simply ‘following the alphabet’, or could there be a deeper meaning behind these classifications? What does the vaccine agenda really look like?


Protesters swarm Melbourne CBD after lockdown announcement

Powerful scenes were witnessed on the streets of Melbourne overnight, just hours before the city entered its fifth lockdown, as angry protesters marched through the CBD.

Concerned citizens filled Melbourne’s CBD from around 7pm to oppose the new snap lockdown, in a city that has already seen too many restrictions.


Vaccine blood clots more deadly than COVID in Australia this year

Top medical officials are urging Australians to “not delay” getting their COVID vaccinations, reiterating how the risk of death from the virus outweighs rare jab side effects.

This message is being relayed despite the fact vaccine blood clotting has been linked to more deaths than COVID-19 in Australia in 2021.