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The Psychology of Joy – 3 Antidotes to Suffering

When our mind is morbid, it is blind to joy. Thus, if we are predisposed to morbid-mindedness, we must counterbalance this darkness with more joy.

This video explores three simple joy-promoting strategies we can use to re-invigorate our life.


Australia’s Suppression of Free Speech

As language policing continues to spread into the wider community, it has become a highly effective means of suppressing political dissent. In our post-modern culture shift, it has reached Orwellian proportions. Social and legal expansions of mechanisms designed to curb ‘hate speech’ have laid the foundations for a new wave of ‘thoughtcrime’ persecution: Remember to

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Group Psychology and Mind Control | Ft. Adam, General, Chris

In the 19th century, early advancements in understandings of the human mind allowed a group of intellectuals to explore how feelings transferred to the individual from the masses, can be magnified and returned to the group, and vice-versa.

The birth of group psychology would path the way for collective perceptions of reality to be programmed for generations now, breeding a population of conformists who intellectually appeal only to mass consensus and authority.


How the ‘Greater Good’ is Used as a Tool of Social Control

Instead of respect for reason, open dialogue, freedom of speech and individual and property rights, political systems across the world are becoming increasingly authoritarian.

Deceptions and lies, manipulation and propaganda, fear-mongering and psychological operations are all being used to justify political actions and policies that destroy life.