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Plans to ban cash transactions over $10,000 defeated

A bill proposed by Australian lawmakers to ban the use of cash for transactions over $10,000 has been defeated by a unanimous senate vote.

Senator Malcolm Roberts brought the motion to remove the bill yesterday, following more than a year of trenchant opposition from cross sections of the community.


Member Circle: War Hoax | November 2020

Hollywood screen magic is the driving force behind mass public perception of war, in which passive deception is used to hide the fact there is actually no warfare.

Strategic relocation and intergenerational social engineering are combined with digital PR television tricks to maintain one of the biggest lies in human history.

If war is a hoax, what is the framework that powers the illusion? What is actually happening on-the-ground while script writers create the larger false narrative?


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Illusion: The Psychology of War Theatre

Reality is a principle humanity has lost in an era of mass illusion. The fabricated narrative of warfare disguises a vast operation of mass simulations, enacted for the viewing public as ‘news events’, with a paraphernalia of embedded journalists and missile-eye-view cameras.

The so-called physics of war are, in the real world, preceded by an abstract model of war that structures and organises the actual happenings.

There is no underlying reality of war, referred to by media images. Instead, the images ARE the actual operational mode of war.


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