November 29, 2023

14 thoughts on “Popular TOTT presentation gets banned by YouTube

  1. Very well researched and prophetic, Ethan. Your measured, understated delivery just serves to make the information more chilling. It’s a wonder they didn’t ban this earlier…far too much truth for fascist Big Tech! Regard this ban as a badge of honour.

    1. There is no love in
      any of this narrative. I’ve heard that literally the ‘ God Source’ is being taken from our human form/spirit. It’s not a world I want but Charles Darwin’s theory of ‘adaption’ comes to mind. As we change our environment, technology and our own human spirit… I feel pleased I’m at the latter end of my life.
      I see no world of possibilities but a world where money and class will only survive!
      I’m heading back to grassroots and nature… where I began .. and have no regrets and as will I be found in my next lifetime on this earth plane, back among nature.

      1. I totally agree Rose…I have considered living in a hollow in a big tree on my property…but lately know we have to stand up and stay strong…Have a look /listen to what Robert J Kennedy Jr has to say…He is an inspiration!!

  2. Your excellent content will find a wider, appreciative audience on the alternative, uncensored video sharing platforms such as brighteon, bitchute and rumble, etc. Smart folks are going to these instead of youtube now and their reach is growing through the roof. Blessings, Sue

  3. “When you tear out a man’s tongue you’re not proving him a lair, you’re simply telling the world you fear what he might say.” – George R.R. Martian

  4. Have to watch video yet, but,I like Ýou tubes” ‘Reasoning & language’=
    “We ‘think’ it violates our contents policy – “. NOT ‘Has’, but, we ‘think’,. Probably an oxymoron, as far as ‘social media operates.

  5. The highest award for journalism should be bestowed upon you ethan and the team at tottnews.

  6. God it is so much to absorb! I eco all your comments and brilliant discoveries .I believe the human spirit even in prison, can soar to greatest heights.
    Lets don’t loose sight of the bible assurance that we will inherit the kingdom of God, Although we will go through the valley of death the Almighty has plans to prospers us and gives a good future.

    Let’s be strong and united and don’t succumb. to the fear of the 5G or any or of any evil agenda, and walk in Faith through the open red sea to the Promised Land.!

    Thank you Ethan,I I need to think about your ideas and to understand well what you are saying.


  7. OMG! ‘Popular TOTT presentation gets Banned by U Tubbies!’ F.#CK Me! Now I’m just Going to loose Sleep! – NOT!
    Queen Mab [Merlin Factor for Folks] Tha Barstards! THEY,[THE Social Media Platform PLASTIC SLOUGHS] are ‘REDUNDANT ANYWAY!
    As a Positive, THIS, is a Catalyst for Genesis,! So ‘About Time’ for another Golden Age, DEVOID of Elite LOSERS & Lower Socio [Within Reason] Cretins. MOVE FORWARD! DESHACKLE.
    Acronyms for Lovelies & fun;
    WHO – World Harlots Organisation = SOLD THE SOUL! .[‘WHO Loves Ya Baby?’ – Kojak MY MAN – Get Outa My Head Space]. COMIC – Corporate Organised Military Industrial Complex. WANK – Without Actual Nominal Knowledge. & for Current CMOs [Chief Medical Officers] we have PRICKS [Current Jab line pun] Political Rhetorical Internal (or International for Flavour, & notice I spelled Flavour with a ‘U’] Consensus Knowing Shit-all!
    DESTRESS & make your own Puns up, in your Everyday Environment. Satire! IT IS 1 of the best Medicines – NO Prescription Necessary! TGA, YOU BOUGHT BARSTARDS – Take a Hike!!
    SCOMO – Some Commonwealth Oscillating Moronic Oligarch (Perhaps something to do with THE ‘Paymaster’?}
    Tyranny (Australia all over) Tacit Yin Ruling Autocratic Non Neural Yeet. Chi ref seems APT!
    Look Ma, I’m saving Resources, CO2/ 2030-50 & TAX, straight away, & DIDN’T feel a thing!!
    EVENT 201, Soon to be followed By EVENT 202.
    Wellness as ALWAYS!!!!

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