Healthcare workers stage silent protest in Fitzroy, moved on by police

Nurses have joined Melbourne’s continued scenes of protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, as deadlines looms for the healthcare industry.

A few dozen health workers gathered in Fitzroy Gardens in a silent gathering, saying they are being forced to choose between the jab and their jobs.


Workers standing for their rights.
Photo: TDM


A group of healthcare professionals gathered in Fitzroy, an outer suburb of Melbourne, to hold a silent protest to express their concerns about vaccine mandates currently hitting the industry.

It comes after several consecutive days of protests across the city, and is perhaps the best display to show the world that Melbourne demonstrators aren’t ‘violent, extremist thugs’.

The freedom movement is in fact normal men and women, from a variety of industries, who are concerned about mandatory vaccine requirements being introduced in workplaces.

Footage from the protest shows attendees holding posters saying ‘healthcare workers are being silenced’ and ‘last year hero, this year unemployed’. 

The group says a desire to get out of never-ending lockdowns was not a good enough reason to consent to a medical treatment against their will.

Several attended the peaceful demonstration wearing medical scrubs.  

However, as is the case currently in police state Melbourne, the simple thought of freely expressing thought and/or your fundamental right to protest is forbidden — and police soon arrived.


One protester wearing a nurses uniform said ‘bus loads’ of officers arrived on the scene around 20 minutes after the protest began. Footage shows the squad moving in to surround the group:

The gathering was disbanded by police, after dozens took up camp in a Melbourne park.

Hundreds of arrests have been made this, with footage of ugly clashes between demonstrators and authorities still circulating on social media.  

However, police were more lenient on the throngs of health workers that sat cross-legged in the park for about 20 minutes before they were dispersed by officers. 

It ended peacefully and nobody was arrested.

Riot police were not able to easily employ their usual totalitarian tactics.

One attendee of the event commented her thoughts to media that were on the scene, stating:

“We did what we came here to do, we peacefully dispersed and that’s the end of it today.

We’re protesting against vaccine mandates, not only for the health care industry, but for any industry.

The fact that peoples livelihoods are being threatened. The fact that people have no other choice given to them. They feel like they can’t get out of lockdowns.”

As a predicted era of mass vaccine coercion begins to descend upon Australia, those who express even the slightest of objections to the mandating of personal medical choice is quickly silenced.

This is not about a virus, and it never was.


Victoria is not alone in their concerns for the mandate. Thousands of healthcare workers across Australia face consequences to their employment in the coming days.

Sections of the community are being told they can not object to the agenda at hand.

NSW Health figures, for example, show 7 per cent of all clinical healthcare workers remain unvaccinated — which is about 7,350 staff. They have been told unpaid leave awaits.

Four out of six paramedics in the New South Wales Riverina town of Finley, for example, are still unvaccinated, despite all health workers in the state needing to get vaccinated by September 30.

In Queensland, more than 10 per cent of Queensland Health workers are unvaccinated against COVID-19, according to figures from the state health department.

Perth saw similar protests last week, in which a small group (including healthcare workers) gathered outside of WA government buildings to get their message across to the Premier.

These people are being forced out of the industries they love.

In fact, one nurse that was present in Victoria was reportedly suspended for her attendance:

In April 2020, we stated that questioning COVID-19 would soon become thoughtcrime.

This has all but come true a year and a half later.

Now, these professionals either face losing their jobs, or will be stuck taking up the fight against their employers for things like unfair dismissal, discrimination and others.

These healthcare workers, some of which were vaccinated themselves, say they will continue their campaign to have their voices heard and to have the right to no medical coercion restored.

The history books will remember days like these.

Days when peaceful protesters, mostly women in a park, are told to move on by authoritarian police.

Shame, Victoria Police.

Shame to the system that is creating a medical apartheid before our very eyes.

Bravo to those healthcare workers who are taking a stand against this madness.

Everyone should have the right to make their own medical decisions without fear of consequence.

The moment you submit to a procedure against your will, in order to continue to participate in a society, you have in fact lost the very freedoms that make up the land you stand upon.


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4 comments on “Healthcare workers stage silent protest in Fitzroy, moved on by police”

  1. Not possible without the complicity of the enemies within. In the United States, after a policemen bashed up a nurse, police are no longer allowed around hospitals. Anyway, those two don’t go together–police (vehicle parked outside) and hospitals.

    It turned out to be the lawyers behind it all, getting all sorts of people committed for defrauding those committed people’s estates peaking, until it slowed down or
    stopped under Obamacare.

  2. All police and politicians should be refused medical services from now on, including their families! If they take away people’s rights they should be denied medical treatment!

  3. It is unfortunate that we even speak of such things as mandatory anything. As the World Economic Forum stated that this scenario is a great opportunity for all of these conversations that no-one would have believed possible 2 years ago. Masks were proven illogical for the flu virus and the past 100 years of debate – even amongst surgeons for example.

    Yesterday in a lift someone was disgusted that I did not have a meaningless cotton mask which 100% of surgeons and doctors say are useless. I told them I had read books (plural) and many science papers which concluded they did not work. She muttered “oh did you?” like how dare I question her mask, her right to be rude, nasty and yet deny my very polite reply. Her partner said this is not a debate we can have now as they walked off. So the atmosphere created by this fear around a statistically impotent virus lets her and others ignore logical information and elevates her personal right to wear something purely useless above my educational journey of enlightenment that has unequivocal proof of a piece of cottons effectiveness to stop a particle so small it is ludicrous to even consider it provides any filtration what so ever. In other words her right to arrogantly speak within her utter ignorance is superior to my thousands of hours of reading and listening because I am outside her dream world of mass media induced indoctrination. This is where we are at.

    This is all a wet dream for the instigators of this dystopia all based on the premise of the theory of disease purely in a fiction created by deceiving scientists as part of a long term elevation of white coats to a godlike status as these people create a non-nonsensical mysterious language, use that to brainwash educational system participants, create a fear of the unseen ghosts and then provide a fantasy solution to these evil spirits no different to a shaman in jungle thousands of years ago babbling like a maniac. However the shaman was probably smarter than most scientists sprouting virus virus today!

    We are up against black magic on a world scale. Do not discount the spiritual nature of human beings through out history. So called science is modern witchcraft and the media cast the spell over the minds the billions keeping them in a place of subservience to 100% certified pure grade cow excrement designed to completely enslave minds and not allow them to move outside an overwhelming and mind numbing crippling fear.

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