May 30, 2023

4 thoughts on “Healthcare workers stage silent protest in Fitzroy, moved on by police

  1. Not possible without the complicity of the enemies within. In the United States, after a policemen bashed up a nurse, police are no longer allowed around hospitals. Anyway, those two don’t go together–police (vehicle parked outside) and hospitals.

    It turned out to be the lawyers behind it all, getting all sorts of people committed for defrauding those committed people’s estates peaking, until it slowed down or
    stopped under Obamacare.

  2. All police and politicians should be refused medical services from now on, including their families! If they take away people’s rights they should be denied medical treatment!

  3. It is unfortunate that we even speak of such things as mandatory anything. As the World Economic Forum stated that this scenario is a great opportunity for all of these conversations that no-one would have believed possible 2 years ago. Masks were proven illogical for the flu virus and the past 100 years of debate – even amongst surgeons for example.

    Yesterday in a lift someone was disgusted that I did not have a meaningless cotton mask which 100% of surgeons and doctors say are useless. I told them I had read books (plural) and many science papers which concluded they did not work. She muttered “oh did you?” like how dare I question her mask, her right to be rude, nasty and yet deny my very polite reply. Her partner said this is not a debate we can have now as they walked off. So the atmosphere created by this fear around a statistically impotent virus lets her and others ignore logical information and elevates her personal right to wear something purely useless above my educational journey of enlightenment that has unequivocal proof of a piece of cottons effectiveness to stop a particle so small it is ludicrous to even consider it provides any filtration what so ever. In other words her right to arrogantly speak within her utter ignorance is superior to my thousands of hours of reading and listening because I am outside her dream world of mass media induced indoctrination. This is where we are at.

    This is all a wet dream for the instigators of this dystopia all based on the premise of the theory of disease purely in a fiction created by deceiving scientists as part of a long term elevation of white coats to a godlike status as these people create a non-nonsensical mysterious language, use that to brainwash educational system participants, create a fear of the unseen ghosts and then provide a fantasy solution to these evil spirits no different to a shaman in jungle thousands of years ago babbling like a maniac. However the shaman was probably smarter than most scientists sprouting virus virus today!

    We are up against black magic on a world scale. Do not discount the spiritual nature of human beings through out history. So called science is modern witchcraft and the media cast the spell over the minds the billions keeping them in a place of subservience to 100% certified pure grade cow excrement designed to completely enslave minds and not allow them to move outside an overwhelming and mind numbing crippling fear.

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