October 1, 2023

5 thoughts on “Australia’s Surveillance State: How DNA will be incorporated

  1. They want to get the graphene into everyone, making us all superconductors for the digital reset. The hurry is because their plans are doomed. We will overcome.

  2. Another tool to divide and conquer the already alienated, under the familiar guise of “keeping everyone safe”.
    FDP could be “cleansing” rebadged with no regulatory governance. A eugenicists wet dream.
    Speaking of slimy pricks,
    I am sure that Daddy PalaceChook will score a nice government contract with his ever increasing database of PCR samples.

  3. There is also the link to Australian Genomics. A company that is “researching” the use of genomic data to “improve” medical treatments and future “disease. Jane Halton is coincidentally on the advisory board along with many other usual suspects

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