December 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “‘Vaccine Apartheid’: Immunity passports to hit numerous countries

  1. The Australian Bill of Rights Act 2017 clearly defines the rights every Australian has regarding preserving the integrity of bodily rights and medications they choose to or not to use. Even if Emergency laws have passed Parliament and ou leaders continue to play out this pandemic narrative, the truth has surfaced. Ethical doctors and professors globally are now collaborating with like minded team members and are publishing books and taking extreme measures to hold those driving the mania of this nonpandemic. Dr Dolores Cahill is launching a new airways that require No Masks, No Vaccine and No crap. Currently the path is limited to Ireland and a few cities in US and Europe I think, but with the amount of awakening, this is likely to change very soon. Prof Sucharit Bhakdi has published a book regarding the scientific truth reg the hoax that he wrote with his partner. It is an easily comprehensible outstanding little book that confronts each aspect of this staged pandemic thoroughly. Virus Mania is another spectacular read I advise. I am currently writing from a wobbling 4 wheel drive and will end here. Stay positive Australia, mandatory is a term government’s are using to keep the fear pumping… Loves x

  2. OK, so we all get QR’d with YES or NO. then what? the YES’s get to go o/s or buy milk & eggs from Coles, etc. then the YES’s are given more mandates/options to get the next level QR by accepting more injections or pills or paying for the privilege to do things the lesser YES’s can’t or won’t accept & miss out on the sexier higher level QR privileges like going to the beach or visiting friends for drinks or a BBQ. and don’t forget to upgrade your QR by dobbing bornyour neighbours to get extra QR points. there will be no end of the next level QR just like there is no end to the gimmicks businesses use to get more customers.

    on the other side, the NO’s will initially be looked down on or be rejected for simple benign things, but only until the YES’s discover that there is no end to their next level QR for trivial so called privileges that are actually enshrined in the Constitution where no-one can be forced or coerced into any medical treatment without consent, period.

    WE have all the rights from birth & any govt/politician claiming that they are “allowing” us to do this or that want to convince you that anything you want to do is a privilege & not a right & that only they decide what freedoms you can get. that’s why they call it taking privileges away when you are arrested or penalised in traffic or anywhere else that the govt decides is an infringement or punishable by them.

    the vaxx mandates will happen, the QR’s will be enforced, so called privileges will be taken away, they will knock on your door, you will be marginalised, you will be fined, you might be taken away for re-education to convince you to take the poison (sounds too distopian) but all these are being done in countries that are not China. look at Europe & UK & US & mid-east & Singapore & Sth Korea. I haven’t seen anything from central Asia or the mid-lower parts Africa so far but Sth Africa seems to be following the others above.

    has anyone heard of a carehome resident or nurse refusing the vaxx? the residents can’t put up a fight or even eat if they refuse & nurses will be indefinitely put on unpaid leave until they follow guidelines (not actual laws) of the hospital they work in

    I’ll be refusing all of it so my diagnosis will be the same as Graham’s but as a QR etched into stone that reads #born free – died free#



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