October 2, 2023

9 thoughts on “‘Never Give Up!’: Protest momentum continues with latest round of huge MMAMV events

  1. Great numbers again. And Adelaide was good too, ca 10,000 outside Channel 7 on Port Rd…very spirited.

    1. I’m in Gympie but couldn’t afford to go to either the Harvey Bay or Sunny Coast rallies.
      If you sign up for TOTT News to your email you won’t miss another rally. See you at the next one mate!

  2. What an absolutely wonderful sight …coming together as one ❤ comoradority…
    Hoodie I thankyou was awesome and Riccardo thankyou…God bless you guys..

  3. I have been praying since the start of this fake ” PLANDEMIC”, that large numbers of Australians would wake up to what’s actually going on with this globalist agenda. It’s taken a while, but they have. I thank God, because they really have woken up !
    It shows that real Aussies CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH.

    Our ruling political class are an arrogant aberration, devoid of anything resembling our National character. Their disgraceful careers should be flushed down the gurgler along with their ship load of “booster” shots.

    As these people seem to be addicted to lying, why should we believe that we have achieved 90-95% vax rates ? Can anyone check this ? The Gov’t vax marketing campaign is still so intense, it makes me think, ” they protesteth too much”.

    Watching the daily Covid political double speak makes me cringe. But watching the freedom marches makes me proud of my Nation and my fellow Aussies.
    Perhaps the globalist bit off more than they could chew when they targeted little bitty Australia??

  4. I hope when democracy wins again and takes power, that names were logged of all criminals involved and video saved for future prosecution of crimes against humanity. Once freedom rings again around the world there must be laws made to make sure that free countries are not taken over again by communist tyrants!
    Colin-USA and God bless you all in this fight for freedom.

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